Top 5 Order Management software for wholesale business

Wholesale business are the lifeblood of revenue in many industries, especially in the world of ecommerce. The demand for wholesale distributors has grown rapidly, as a result, it becomes very difficult for such business owners to accommodate growth in the number of transactions and users without an automated system in place.

A comprehensive order management system in place will give an operational boost to improve business agility and speed, develop stronger relationships, reduce costs, as well as divert substantial revenue for the business. Whether you are wholesaler dealing with multiple departments, or few people wearing any hats, adopting a well-designed order management system –  your sales, order fulfillment, accounting, customers service, and shipping, all stay up-to-date – ensuring a smooth flow.

Below are top 5 order management system that will be an ideal for your wholesale business.

1 – Netsuite

Top 5 Order Management software - 1


A leading SaaS based solution, NetSuite offers a fully-integrated order management solution that can accommodate any-sized wholesale business needs. Offering an integrated ERP, inventory, accounting, fulfillment, e-commerce and CRM solutions, NetSuite will allow you to gain a competitive advantage against competitors like never before. Apart, from allowing users the tool to execute inventory and order fulfillment processes seamlessly, NetSuite allows wholesalers an ability to plan and improve their practices. And, being a SaaS-based system, this allow scalability as per your business growth.

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2 – Fishbowl

Top 5 Order Management software - 2


Fishbowl offers the most affordable order management system solution for small and mid-sized business allowing a comprehensive inventory tracking, order management, and QuickBooks-integrated features. Offering an-to-use interface, Fishbowl is flexible too. Adopting this system solution, you’ll automatically get extensive training and support resources through its training videos, online tutorials, in-house specialists and more. Also, Fishbowl’s easy integration with QuickBooks makes it easy for users to integrate your wholesale business with back office accounting. Additionally, the system also automates the ordering, purchasing and quoting processes.

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3- Orderhive

Top 5 Order Management software - 3


Less than a year from it’s launch, Orderhive is gaining immense visibility amongst wholesalers. Offering the most easy-to-use tools and powerful integration, Orderhive’s order management solution would perfectly fit any-sized business needs. Some of it’s out-of-the-box features include partial shipments, create backorders, print shipping labels in one click, track shipment status in real-time, and auto-update inventory levels.

Orderhive’s biggest advantage is it’s customization solution. This will allow wholesale business owners an ability to create an order management solution according to the flow and business needs. Not only this, it will allow them to work with a team of experts with experience and interest of the same industry. This will make for an optimal use of your resources creating a high impact on the bottom line of your business.

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4 – Epicor

Top 5 Order Management software - 4


Epicor has been around in the market for more than two decades serving 20,000+ customers across 150 countries helping them to streamline their order management process with a single-screen order entry, customer relationship management, and pricing functionality. Additionally, Epicor system will allow users to automate order acceptance – this means you as a wholesale business owner can accept electronic orders from your customers without an EDI (electronic data interchange). This way you’ll save you time and effort associated with manual order entry. Apart from these features, Epicor system will allow easy quoting capabilities, integrated payment processing system, and many other tools to ease and expedite order management processes for your wholesale business.

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5 – ADS solution

Top 5 Order Management software - 5


For more than three decades, ADS solutions has offered competitively-priced order management systems for wholesale business across many industries. This can be deployed either in Cloud, or installed on-premises. Whether you have a one or multiple warehouses to manage, ADS powerful order management tools that include inventory management, customer service, accounting, purchasing, special order processing, strategic pricing, WMS, electronic data interchange (EDI), CRM, financial reporting, and much more – makes it easy and flexible to manage order processing and fulfillment processes. ADS solution offer a comprehensive order management  software developed specifically for wholesalers.

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In closing

With a right order management software in place, you automatically free up your precious time by eliminating time-taking manual entry, unnecessary phone or email interruptions. Allowing you to make the best use out of your resources, you’ll be better organized. Therefore, adopting one of the above for your wholesale business you’ll be less stressed and able to focus more on other vital business priorities.

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How to manage product return process?

Across a range of verticals, today’s customers look to shop from web stores that offer a smooth return process.

Receiving, fulfilling and delivering customers orders are a part of an order fulfillment process, but very  crucial ensuring that products are delivered to customers in time. But, even more important, is to handle product returns.


Customer’s can return products due to many reasons. Some returns include faulty products, few  due to damaged packaging, while others due wrong product delivered. Regardless to whatsoever reason, such customers are looking to return the product. Now it your responsibility to make it easy for them. By not doing so, can create a bad brand value for your business. However, if you make returns easy for your customers they’ll refer friends as well as prefer your site for future purchases.

But how do you ensure a perfect product exchange process for your customers?

Here are few effective tips:

- Have a clear returns policy in place
The design of your product exchange policy, will make it easier to deal with returns scenarios. Having a clear return policy in place allows you to request the customers to request for the returns online. Not only does it make save you and your customers the time and cost, but also inform them what items can be returned. Make sure you paste the returns and refunds policy on every packaging that you ship as well as post it on a part of your website, specially dedicated for shipping and product exchange policy.

- Identify the reason for the return
You have requested your customers to apply for returns online and you have received a returns request, what’s next? Identifying the reason for returns (are they matching to your policy) is what you should do. This will make it easy and quick to calculate the cost of returns, which in turn aids the action plan quickly.

- Act as per the policy
Once you identify the reason, it makes it quick to take action. For instance, if you customers has requested for a return due to wrong product delivered. You know you’ll have to offer a refund or store credit immediately or once you receive the wrong product in the warehouse. In such situation, before taking an action, it is always suggested to inform the customers about the method of return you will use. Informing your customers upfront will make them feel that you care for them, regardless to the return and may continue to shop from your site in future.

Working your customer’s returns in batches will help you reduce the associated overhead cost as well as increase your time efficiency. For instance, if you dedicate only one hour a day to process ten orders, it is profitable to dedicate one whole day to process returns. By doing this you can process double the number of orders in one hour.

Also, adopting an order management system that offer tools to automatically manage returns will make it very easy to keep a track on product returns and exchange allowing you to get real-time insights to see how many returns are in active progress, how many have been processed, how much time did it take to process each return, etc. Some systems even allow to add notes for each return. These notes come in handy to be careful and take necessary measures when processing orders for the same customers in future. In the end, how you keep your customers happy, will decided the success for your business.

- Try and offer free shipping on returns
Product returns and exchange process also gives you an opportunity to make additional sales. Offering a positive returns and exchange experience to your customers will bring a trust in your customers mind, that in case of returns, their money is in safe hands and repeatedly return to your online store to make additional purchases.
Try and offer free shipping on returns, like an extended period to claim for returns, if any in future. And, if you are doing so, don’t forget to highlight it on your site.
In Closing
Returns justify the quality of your service, therefore every customers who claims for a return should have positive experience which will automatically create a good impression of your brand in the mind and feel encouraged to purchase from you again in future.

If you haven’t given a thought about processing your product exchange, not it the time – especially with Christmas and New year just around the corner!

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Crucial Metrics for sellers to be future ready

If you are into selling products/services, you know how important are metrics for the success of your business.

You being a seller, metrics provide key insights into your business that helps you identify areas between success and failure. If you are still confused, or you don’t know what’s happening in your business, metrics are going to be particularly helpful.

There are a number of metrics that you can consider for your business, but as per your capacity and tools to track metric become easier and more prevalent, the question remains: what are the most important metric for sellers to be future ready?

In this article, we will discuss about the most crucial metrics that will help in predicting the future demand of buyers.


1- Email list  

Email marketing  is one of the oldest and the most important metric for you as a seller to divert potential customers who can be your loyal ones in the future. Many online shoppers don’t tend to purchase at their very first visit, they are either on your site for a window shopping or researching for a further purchase. Offering a compelling option to “stay in touch” via email subscription will help you develop a relationship, and by measuring those email list you can target them when they are ready to purchase.

Implementing and email marketing tool like “MailChimp” will allow you easily capture potential email address and create a database that can be used for immediate follow-up. Easy-to-understand and use, most marketing tools out there in the market will help you churn qualified leads (customer’s email addresses) to identify future demand of buyers.

 2 – Product reviews and performance

For any sellers out there, product reviews and performance are a predictor of success.

Product reviews: This metric becomes important because it creates a psychological effect on future buyers. For instance, a number of positive reviews for a particular product – it will be a future demand of buyers. People’s purchase decision rely on others reviews and recommendation, therefore, don’t ignore the power of this metric. “Re-Vu” offers an excellent platform that will encourage your customers to rate, review, and share products after they make a purchase. Adding, this tool to your site will automatically predict the future demand of buyers.

Product performance: Obviously, you’ll be having a shopping site that deals with more than one product, hence measuring this metric becomes very important to identify the future and seasonal demand of buyers. “Google Analytics “offers a powerful tool that will help you track your product performance that includes the quantity sold, unique purchase, product revenue, average price and average quantity. Analyzing this metric, you can be future ready and offer product as per the customers demand.

3 – Source  

I would consider this metric to be the most important one than the above two metrics. Analyzing and measuring this metric you can know where your customers behavior, acquisition and conversion rates which are important to predict future demand.

Implementing Google Analytics you can:

 -Know where your customers are coming from: This metric will show you the acquisition rate that will help your focus more on those sources that generate the most traffic. Measuring this metric, you can be future ready and implement marketing strategies targeting the correct source to generate maximum traffic.

-See what customers prefer: Analyzing this metric will make it easy to target your customers with the content/information what they like and encourage them to make a purchase from your site. Focusing on this metric, you can predict the future demand of buyers and upfront offer them the content/information/product that influences their purchase decisions.
-Identify conversion rates: Your site has different funnels to divert traffic, either through your mobile, email subscription, social media accounts, etc. Hence, it becomes crucial to identify conversion rates that are a predictor of success. By doing this, you can track and analyze what content drives them there, that will help you predict the future demand of buyers. This way you can take actions to increase conversion rates, drastically.

In closing

The above three metrics are the crucial ones that you should closely consider to predict future demand of buyers. Every sellers site is unique, hence your site might gain value from other metrics too. So, it is always advised to track, analyze, and measure their success and continue with the one that predicts future growth.


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How to rank high on eBay listings?

With hundred millions of visitors every month, eBay has proven to be an effective platform for buying and selling products.

Whether you are a big player or you run a small business from home, eBay is great way to reach buyers at home and across the globe. It’s surprisingly easy to get started, all you need to select your product, upload them, and start selling. Their in-built templates makes it easy to get up and running in minutes. Also, there are cases where a sellers has experienced their first few sales orders immediately (the very same day) after uploading their listings on eBay. Have you ever imagined how?

Most of the sellers who start with their eBay listings, think about the product appearance (image, and formatwhich are not difficult to master) and do not think about how to keep their listings top in search engines.

Fortunately, to rank high on eBay listings needn’t be time-intensive or require coding skills, you can simply focus on major elements of your listing that will help you keep your products top in search results both on eBay as well as off!


Few effective tips

Easy-to show up keywords

Implement “Google’s Keyword Planner” tool to grab relevant keywords for your product. What are those keywords that people will use to find your product? For instanceif your product is eye ware. Some keywords associated with eye ware would be glares, spectacles, sunglasses, eyeglasses, shades, contact-lenses. Prepare a list of keywords that are not too generic as you’ll be competing with many other sellers on eBay as well as sites over search engines.

Precise title

Now that you have a list of keywords, it’s time for you to use them in your listings title. Ebay allows a limit of 80 characters for each listings title, however most of the sellers keep them short. Try and optimize your title using maximum characters using relevant keywords from the list that you have prepared. For instance, “Vintage Retro clubmaster Style sunglasses, Green Mercury Mirror Lens, UV 400.”

This title includes relevant keywords and will show up in eBay as well as other popular search engines, making it easy for buyers to find your product and purchase them.

Rich description

Ebay’s offers a product information feature that allows you to enter few keywords relevant to your product in listing form and check if eBay comes up with a preset description for your listings. This feature may not work for all products, however if there is any information for your listingyou can use it. But, there are more benefits to create your own description infusing rich and relevant keywords that are not identical to that of other sellers on eBay. Prepare rich description by adding 2-3 relevant keywords in the first sentence of your description as this supplements with search engines what the product is all about.

Bold headers

Known to many but still new to some, search engines are some what partial to words that are in bold. Now this doesn’t mean you keep your listing’s description entirely in bold. But, it will be helpful to bold subject headers in your listings as this will make a difference to eBay’s search engines as well as other search engines too.

Implement Social media

EBay does not allow you to add links for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. That doesn’t mean that you avoid social media platforms for promoting your eBay listings. Infuse links of your eBay listings on your social media sites, but ensure you don’t link them from your eBay listings.

Store marketing tool

Take an advantage of all store marketing tools offered by eBay. This will give added benefits to promote and customize your storethat includes customized listing header, email marketing, promotional flyers, and cross-promotions. You can find these tools in the “Marketing Tools” section in “My eBay.”

The more you make use of promotional tools offered by eBay, the better your can make your listings rank high and divert traffic to your store.

Don’t forget about eBay’s Best Match

Best Match is eBay’s default sort order for search results. This makes it easy for buyers to get results in less time. If you want to qualify for the Best Matchit becomes really important to focus on the following criteria:

- Competitive pricing

- Shipping cost and methods

- Quality listing (image, title, description)

- Customer service

- Feedback and seller rating score

Good luck and don’t forget to access eBay’s “selling guide” as it will help you gain valuable insights to make the best out of your eBay listings.

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Top 5 DIY website building platforms

Few years ago, it was necessary for you to know how to write HTML and CSS codesif you wanted to create and manage an online website . This was a biggest nightmare to business owners for which they had to hire an expert (increasing development cost) to manage the codes in order to keep their site up and running.

Today, there are many DIY (the activity of designing, building and making fixtures and repairs) website platforms that can host your website for you. This means you don’t have to worry about the technicalities involved in setting up a host and creating an online website.

DIY website building platforms

DIY website building platform is a software used online which is an ideal for all business owners who do not want to deal with the hassle of developing and managing an online site. Use any of your email address to sign up for the DIY website building platform, select from a variety of ready made, professional themes that best suits your offerings, upload your listings, content, images, and publish your website in with few simple clicks. No technical knowledge required, neither you need huge capital, and you can get your website up and running in minutes.

Today, there are many DIY website building platforms available in the market and most of them offer a free trial period that allow users to test before adopting the one that best suits their business needs.

Below are the top 5 DIY website building platforms that you can consider.

1 – Weebly



Weebly ( is a website-hosting platform that has hosted for over millions sites and the count continues. It has allowed people an easy-to-use interface to perform personal as well as professional activities like selling online, client communication, display art, create a blog page and much more. Established in the year 2007, Weebly allows you to establish your business site online in 7 different languages. With more that 140 million unique visitors and over 20 million website a month, Weebly is proving to be an ideal platform offering high-quality sites.

Key features

Drag and drop editorWeebly makes it easy in setting up your website. It offers a drag and drop functionality that allow users to drag website content ( such as videos, paragraph, picture, etc.) into the screen where you are building your website.

SEOIt offer a website that will be well optimized for search engines. They also allow advanced SEO settings that will help you increase the chances of getting your website on top in the search results.

CustomizationThey provide you the code for your website, hence you will have a complete control on the look and feel of your site.

SecurityIt allows user to create their own SSL certification for their Weebly site as well as all sites are secured by a DDoS mitigation service for advanced cyber attack protection.

Pricing structure

The basic package is free, but it will provide only 30 days of visitors page views statistics as well as include a small Weebly ad in your website’s footer. If you upgrade to the starter plan, then you get full customization power with premium support for a nominal cost. However, they offer a pro as well as business plan too.

2 – Squarespace



Squarespace ( allows a user-friendly platform to artist, businessmen, bloggers, teachers and others who want to start something that is niche. Launched in the year 2004, Squarespace has hosted millions of platforms till date.

Key features

CompatibleAll Squarespace website will include an interface that is compatible to any smart devices (mobiles, tablets, PC, laptop, etc.). This means it will auto-adjust the website’s resolution that will make you offerings look great on any device, any time.

Integrated visual elementsThis feature will help you make your website unique and creative as per your offerings. Offering over hundreds of customizable settings, including styles, fonts, color and page configuration, you’ll experience an advanced way of building your website.

Social media friendlyMake your store visible in leading social networking site for increased visibility. This feature will allow you to link accounts from social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Dropbox, Tumblr, YouTube and many more.

3rd party integrationSquarespace is well integrated with Google Analytics, Disqus, or Typekit, hence for better insights you can easily integrate with no coding required.

Pricing Structure

Squarespace allows a 14-day free trial with 24*7 customers support, and if you wish to upgrade – you’ll have a personal, professional and business plan with a reasonable, monthly subscription plan. They offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments (yearly) that will also benefit users with a complimentary Custom Domain.

3 – Webs



Webs ( is considered to top the list amongst website builders. This is because, it has allowed many start ups as well as small business owners to get online with no technical skills or a huge upfront capital. Acquired in the year 2011, Webs is now a subsidiary of Vistaprint, and follows its own unique start up-inspired culture till date. Being a host for over 55 million websiteshows why Webs is the most preferred website building platform.

Key features

Membership functionUnlike any other platform, Webs allow users to integrate external membership gateway service, create groups of members, send out group email to members, and customize which of your pages could be viewed by the public, or by members only.

AnalyticsThis feature is automatically available in the interface which ensure accurate visibility of your website traffic, customer’s behavior on your website, which pages and campaigns refers the most traffic, etc.

IntegrationWebs plays nice with multiple social networking sites, payment gateways, marketing tools and many other effective tools. This way you can easily integrate tools to either engage your customers, divert sales, or for any other marketing tactic to reach your goals.

Mobile optimizedWebs mobile website builder ensures that your visitor does not leave your site because of poor resolution. No matter what device your visitor uses to land on your website – Webs building platform will auto sync your desktop website and set resolution accordance to the user’s device.

Pricing Structure

Webs offers a 30 day money back guarantee allowing you to upgrade confidently. Their pricing includes a starter (great for basic sites like blogs), enhanced (perfect for business), and a pro structure (ideal for online stores) for a charge that is worth investing. While upgrading for its enhanced and pro pricing structure, you get a custom domain name free.

4 – Wix



Wix ( offers the most advanced technology to make a presence online with an attractive, professional and functional web presence. With no coding skills, or huge investment – you can easily display your niche and manage them with no hassle. Born in the year 2006, Wix has over 150 million users across 190 countries worldwide. Accommodating creative bunch of developers/designers, Wix can be an ideal platform for start ups and medium business.

Key features

One pager templatesAllowing you to choose from 100s of templates, Wix one pager template gives you an ability to get up and running in a day. This is customizable, so you can add features and pages as you grow.

Business and financial toolsIntegrated with effective business and financial tools, users can easily sync tools for content management, traffic generation, site analytics, communication, print invoices, track payment and much more.

Manage products levelsThis feature is more beneficial to people who sell products online, as Wix automates updating of products levels once sale is made. This means you don’t have to worry about your inventory levels when you are offline.

Marketing toolsWix allow users with in-built marketing tools, which means you can add a coupon to any your order and give your buyer a discount to boost customer’s shopping experience.

Pricing structure

You can either connect your existing domain to enjoy Wix features, or you can upgrade for the eCommerce (best for small businesses), unlimited (best for entrepreneurs and freelancers), and combo (for personal use) for a price that will sound good to your pocket. If you upgrade for a plan you are also entitled to get a free domain with 125 gift vouchers. Also, Wix offers a yearly savings plan.

5 – IM Creator

IM Creator


IM Creator ( offer the most simplest and enjoyable experience of building a website, accessible for everyone. Powered by Google and Amazon, it proves to be the most robust and secured platform. Existed in the year 2011, it powers 3 million website which can be a smart choice for building your website.

Key features

Pre-populated templatesThis is the most advantageous feature that allow you to select a pre-populated template relevant to your interest, and IM creator will automatically segregate the site as per their interest making it quick and easy to get started.

HostingYou don’t need to worry about the upgrades and security, as this feature will allow user a free hosting on creating an account. The hosting space will depend on the plan you select.

ExportThis feature is rarely seen in website building platform. It will allow users to export their entire website out of IM Creator, and import them in another host if required. This way you won’t feel like you are trapped with IM Creator.

Comply web standardsYou don’t need to create a separate mobile website or an app, as any website built in IM Creator will comply web standards and be compatible to device like PC’s, laptops, smart phones, tablets, or even an old browser.

Pricing Structure

IM Creator offers a free I-M pricing structure that limits your hosting for 50MB with unlimited templates to choose from. Also, you can choose to upgrade for a premium and pro plan with a monthly and yearly subscription fee that you won’t mind.

In closing

The above mentioned are the most preferred and reasonable DIY website building platform that you can consider in order to avoid the hurdles or barriers of creating a website.

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Things to consider before launching your niche eCommerce store

Today, the business of selling online has become very tempting as it now easier and cost-effective than ever before. There are many eCommerce platforms and marketplaces that provide a ready-made storefront, all you need to do is upload your listing and your are live. But, that is not the case- if you are planning to launch a niche eCommerce store. Choosing a platform is no doubt an important factor which determines the success for your online store, however there are other factors that need to considerif you want to be better, different and more efficient than your competitors, to succeed.

before launching ecommerce store

In this article, we will discuss on important factors that you need to consider before launching your niche eCommerce store.

1Analyze your niche

You may assume that the products you select are niche to gauge customer interest. But, if you don’t analyze your products before the launchyou may end up choosing items that are sold by hundreds or even thousands of competitors which you realize after the launch. This will be the biggest blunder that you should avoid as you may end making few sales in a month or a year. Instead, analyzing your niche will help you reach maximum audience and make the best out of your products selling online.

For finding your niche, you need to ask yourself:

aWill the keywords match customer’s search?

It becomes very important for you to ensure that your niche products would easily show up in customer’s search results. Consider using Google’s “Keyword Planner Tool” and prepare a list of keywords relevant to your niche. Then, select the one that you think would be relevant to the customer’s question and show at the top in the search rankings. When someone is looking for something online, that means they are showing interest. The chance of them getting converted into a sales lead is more.

Search online for the best selling products, analyze for the most unique ones to check customer’s interest and select the one that best fits your needs.

bHow unique is product?

Next you need to analyze how unique is your product? – in the world of online. For instance, if you sell one of those products that Amazon offers, less chances of people coming to your store. It’s not even worth thinking of competing them with price.

Research online and check for products that are less competitive but with high profit margins. Implement SEO tactics to show up in search results whenever the customers finds for your product online. This way whenever your product will show up in search results, maximum chances of them getting converted into sales.

cHow much profit margin can it generate?

Planning to launch a business without analyzing its profit margin makes no sense. Once you select your niche, it becomes equally important for you to ensure your business will churn out nothing less than 25% on lower price items. It suggested to target high-cost products that will help you generate high profit margins whenever a sales is made.

The above are things that you need to analyze while selecting your niche. Let’s take a look on the other important things that you need to keep in mind before launching your niche eCommerce store.

2Is your store design user-friendly and offers privacy policy?

Even though online shopping has created a buzz amongst people across the globe, they still prefer to shop from site that has a privacy policy in place. This creates a trust in their mind, being rest assured that their details are safe. Also, your store should offer smooth navigations to ensure that your customers do not struggle to get information they are looking for. When you plan to design an online store, it is worth you hire a website developer if you budget is high. If not, there are many hosted eCommerce platforms that allow you to select from a wide range of themes or they also allow you to create a theme as per your requirements. The best part of using a hosted eCommerce platform, it will fit your pocket.

3Is your content relevant?

Once you plan your website layout, next is the content. Content is a king for any eCommerce store to create brand awareness and divert traffic. It is crucial that you spend time and create valuable content for your store. This doesn’t mean you overpopulate it with only words, instead try and include more of visual content that will make your store even more attractive and encourage people to stay for long. The more you make them stay on your site, the better chances of them getting converted into a sales lead. People will like to know more about your business before they make a purchase decision, hence ensure that your “About Us” page has relevant content (to build trust) that includes your business overview, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and contact information.

4How secure is a your payment gateway?

The whole concept behind launching your niche eCommerce store is to receive money in return for the products you offer. Therefore, it becomes very important you research on ways to accept money from your customers and to make payments transaction smoother and secured. If you are starting off with a small budget then using PayPal or WorldPay payment services are an ideal and trusted source, (they accept all card payments) but their main drawbackis they charge a 2.9% to 3.0% fee per transaction. So, if you have many sales order coming in every month, the payment transaction fee will prove to be expensive. In such cases, you have an alternate to start off with direct card payments.

For direct card payments, it is complicated in the outlay but at the same time will provide more credibility and make your store a trusted one in the world of online. First you need to conform that your site is SSL certified. This will then allow your site’s payment transaction go through a secure (HTTPS) path and protect you from online credit card fraud. This means you are responsible for customer’s credit card details as there will be no third party payment service involved. It may sound to much to do, but with the help of your developer I’m sure you should give it thought before launching your niche eCommerce store.

5Do you have a firm shipping management?

There is a good chance of your niche eCommerce store to receive multiple orders in a day. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to have a firm management in shipping all orders accurately and safely to customers. Your customers will not like to wait for long to get their order, neither they would like to receive a damaged product. Any of these scenarios can directly affect the bottom line of your business.

Ensure you plan your shipping management and if you feel that things may get out of control, investing in a shipping management software solution will help you overcome those ugly scenarios. Also, many shipping software solutions offer shipping calculators that makes it easy to work out the cost of shipping accordance to the bundle of products selected in the cart. Having this functionality in your eCommerce shipping solution will help you reduce cart abandonment rates that mostly occurs due to high shipping costs.

6- Is your store mobile ready?

If you overlook the importance of a mobile, then you are leaving a huge amount of money on the table.

Today, more and more people are accessing online stores over their smartphones for making purchases. To take an advantage of this source, ensure your store has a responsive design that can automatically adjust the store’s layout and features when used over any device that allow an access to the Internet. Doing this you eliminate the need of creating another mobile or tablet site which means it will work on multiple devices and screen size.

7Do you have an SEO strategy in mind?

Simply building a website, uploading listings, adding contentis not enough in today’s competitive world of eCommerce. Instead, you’ll have to spend time and make it an effort to get your content, product and store out to customers who shop online.

Search engines are the leading source through which you can make your store easily available to online shoppers. It’s very important that you spend time in creating SEO tactics using keywords that will make your store stay up in search engines whenever a customers looks up for the product you offer.

8Do you have a pro active marketing strategy?

Playing with content becomes very important to divert sales and profit for your niche eCommerce store. Therefore, It is crucial you have a pro active marketing strategy in place. If you have a small budget, promoting your content in online forums, email marketing and social media will be an ideal, as it won’t cost you much. Create an account on social networking sites like “Facebook,” “LinkedIn” and start promoting your content. This way you can know how much response you are getting and what’s your target audience. Collecting such information is very helpful in your marketing strategy once you are up and live.

9Do you have a store management in place?

Now that you are going to sell your niche products out in the world of online, it is necessary that you plan out your store’s management. Initially when you receive few orders, it will seem easy to manage your store. However, when your store starts receiving hundreds or even thousands of orders things may go out of control. The best and effective solution is to have an eCommerce solution in place. There are many eCommerce software solution available in the market, so select one that best suits your need. This will reduce effort and cost of managing orders, customers, inventorywhen done manually. Invest in one of the eCommerce solution and automate your back-end operations to successfully run your niche eCommerce store.

10- Do you have to have a tool to measure your website’s behavior?

You may have adopted the above 9 factors and your niche store is up and ready to go live. But, as soon as it goes live, it becomes equally important that you have a tool to measure your store’s behavior from day one. “Google Analytics” can be the best solution to measure your website’s behavior. This is important, as you need to identify the most profit making area as well as the less profit making area in order to bring effective changes to your niche eCommerce store as and when it grows.

In Closing

Keeping in mind the above things you are ready to launch your niche eCommerce store. However, it is always suggested to constantly research on ways to bring in maximum automation in managing your store and effective SEO tactics to stay above in the search engines.

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Things to keep in mind while devising Facebook strategy for eCommerce business

With over a million of users, Facebook is proving to be an important tool for marketing your eCommerce business. This is because, it allows eCommerce business owners to regularly interact with customers enforcing brand messages. Therefore, Facebook is a must-go-to for all eCommerce business.

Marketing your eCommerce business and offerings using Facebook will help bring in new customers as well as retain existing ones. But, simply creating a Facebook business page and sharing content about your business and offerings is not enough. You need to have a Facebook strategy in place to succeed quickly.

The following five core strategies will help you streamline your Facebook activity and turn your Facebook page into a success story.


Facebook strategy for eCommerce business

1Enable social sharing buttons

Simply depending on Facebook to get social may not bring out results that you are expecting. So, the foremost thing to keep in mind while devising Facebook strategy for your eCommerce business is enable social sharing button throughout your site. Facebook “share” button will make it easy for customers to share content and offerings of your business what they like. The more “share” you get, the better chances of sales opportunities.

Also, it is advisable to use a part of website’s homepage that invites people to “share” your Facebook account. Once they hit the “share” button, your eCommerce business account; or the page that they like will reflect in their activity feed which is automatically visible in their network too.

2Share promotional content for those who “like” your business page

You need to keep the “likes” go on and on for gaining maximum visibility and business for your site. Your customer take time and share your eCommerce business account in their networks by liking it. Therefore, appreciating or thanking them with promotional discounts, content, coupon codes or gift vouchers will encourage them to spread a good word of mouth and you’ll automatically bring increase the number of “likes” for your business page. This social way of getting attention should be is a must-have for your eCommerce business.

3Don’t forget to provide regular updates

Mélange is the key for social media. Therefore, it is crucial that you provide regular updates that includes images, content, links, about us section and others that are relevant to your eCommerce business. Also, it’s a good idea to regularly update your status. While updating your status make sure that they are relevant to your business and unique to get your audience engaged.

4Consider adding a Facebook store tab

Don’t overlook the importance of Facebook store. Earlier you could only use Facebook as a platform for promotions, but today it allows you to sell. Facebook for business will allow you a very cost-effective way of providing an additional webs store. Considering a Facebook store tab on your official website is a must while devising Facebook strategy for eCommerce business. They offer multiple storefront themes, you can pick one as per your business needs and enjoy maximum visibility for your products and business too.

5Don’t neglect SEO

Facebook is no doubt one of the most popular social networking site, but that doesn’t mean you neglect the SEO. You want to divert more and more people on your Facebook landing page or your Facebook store, therefore it becomes important to infuse SEO best practices for Google to identify you. Focus on appropriate keywords in your “About Us” page, product description and other content area of your Facebook account. Also, Facebook offers a URL to name your business, it is wise to use it. Doing this you’ll have your business name with the keyword Facebook in the URL, which will keep your business visible in search ranking.

In summary

Facebook is slowly proving to be an effective platform for promotion and now even selling too. Therefore, keeping in mind the above things will help you create an ideal Facebook strategy for your eCommerce business. To know more about eCommerce business and management system, you should visit –

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