Tips to gain visibility when selling on Etsy

Etsy is a constantly-growing and busy marketplace that is allowing artisans from across the globe to earn from their creativity.

Currently recording 1.4 million active sellers, this rapidly growing marketplace has a customer base of 19.8 million active buyers helping artisans to make the most out of their art work, online.


With a number of artisans and sellers registering with Etsy marketplace on a daily basis, it’s becoming difficult for many start-ups to increase visibility when selling on the fastest- growing marketplace which reported revenue of US$ 195.6 million in 2014.

To make it easy for any newbie, I have decided to come up with this article that can help Etsians to do things that actually matters to spread product awareness while having fun, selling on the marketplace.

Firstly, let’s talk about those crucial elements that impacts the most, in Etsy’s search results

Correct product category selection

You may be experimenting with multiple keywords for coming up with the most effective product name, but, all goes in vain; if your product is not listed under the correct category.

Prior 2015, listing on Etsy was a struggle to sellers as there were many categorizations based on multiple concepts, depending on the product type. However, on February 2015, Etsy announced a change to their item categories.

To know more about listing your products with the correct category, click here.

Tags used in the title

Your title may include keywords relevant to other sellers across the marketplace; however, the tag you add to your title can be unique to improve visibility for your products.

For instance: If you are selling Apparel, and you offer the best handmade collection of dress to suit multiple occasions. Now, simply keeping your product title as “men’s casual wear,” or, “best collection for women” will not make your products show up in search engines, easily.

Try and be more specific with your title by adding tags that actually describes the use of your product well, for e.g. “wedding dress for women”. Adding tags like “wedding dress” will improve your product visibility, as customers will enter keywords that would actually serve their purpose for buying the product.


Please note: Etsy allows sellers to add up to 13 tags in their product name, try and use them all. This can cover more number of keywords that customers look up in Etsy’s search result.

Next: Take advantage of Etsy’s tools

Two crucial product visibility elements offered by Etsy are:

Etsy Shop Title

This will represent your shop, which means your customers will get an idea about what your brand has to offer. Etsy allows sellers to create a “Shop Title” up to 55 characters long, hence, ensure you include the most found keywords to stay up in Etsy’s search results.

To know more about Etsy Shop Title, click here.

Etsy Shop announcements

This section gives sellers an opportunity to attract audience and engage with their products. Be loud about your special offering and new product releases, using Etsy Shop announcement.

Picture3To know more on Etsy Shop announcement, click here.

Third: Use Etsy’s Promoted listings

With millions of people looking up for products on Etsy on regular basis, how can you increase your product visibility?

Etsy’s “Promoted Listing” feature is helping many start-ups small business owners to make their products visible in front of potential shoppers, frequently.

Using “Promoted listing, your products will be showcased as ads within search results, irrelevant to what position they appear in Etsy’s search results. Etsy also helps sellers to “Manage Promoted Listings,” as well as, offer stats to review performance of their “Promoted Listings.

Last, be socially engaged


Etsy allows sellers an ability to easily connect their products across multiple social media sites, helping them get noticed in a full-proof way.

Take an advantage of this, and increase visibility for your Etsy products on leading social media channel Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

For example: Creating a “Facebook Business page” for your “Etsy Shop,” will allow you share your listings  and make them visible in front of millions of potential customers who visit the site on a daily basis.

To know more about Etsy’s social media connection, click here.

Don’t forget to keep optimizing!

With the above, you can try and increase exposure for Etsy products on the marketplace, as well as, across the web. However, optimization is the key for a steady growth.

What can you do?

Integrate an analytic tool

“Google Analytics” will help you understand and track down any metrics you set up. And, in case of expanding your business by opening multiple Etsy Shops, you can measure performance for all of your stores from a single place.

Make complete use of Etsy Shop stats

An in-built analytic feature offered to all Etsians, “Etsy Shop stats” allows insightful facts and figures to help them increase awareness, effectively.

For instance:

Using Etsy Shop Stats, if you uncheck the boxes for “Google” and “others”, you’ll be left with the keywords people are using on Etsy to find your shop and items

Play with keywords in Etsy Search bar

Last, type all those keywords that have been used to search your product in Etsy’s search bar and gain access to list of products that show up under those keywords.

Having such data, Etsy sellers can find it easy to understand whether the keyword is too saturated to be worth trying to optimize, or, which one will work.


Offbeat customer experience tactics that sellers should focus in 2016

Have you come across situations when your customers post negative feedbacks about your products, or, spread a bad word of mouth for your brand over the web?

There can be many reasons behind it, right from the customer lands on your page, till product delivered.

Customer service is surely the backbone for any selling business, without which it cannot survive the rapidly increasing competition in the online world.

Offbeat customer experience tactics

A report by Kissmetrics (revolutionary person-based analytic company) revealed, “59% of the customers have stopped business with a company due to poor service.”

On the other side, a report by Bain & Co. revealed, “5% increase in customer retention can increase profits more than a 25%.”

Considering the above, sellers need to realize the importance of creating a powerful service strategy to ensure more and more customers cling to their site for long.

In this article, we will discuss on those areas that sellers need to focus on, and, how the below innovative strategies can help them gain a competitive advantage in this “New Year 2016.”

Let’s begin with the front-end

There are many sellers who are still living in the dark, as, they believe offering attractive website layout will do the magic (divert customers).

Modern customers are quite comfortable with brands that allow them a friendly browsing experience. Gone are the days, when customers would get attracted to sites with aesthetic look!

Today, customers are smarter and prefer sites which offer them quick information, easy navigation, smarter payment options and much more.

What are the most important factors you need to consider in your front-end?

 1. Allowing the most-engaging experience

Considering your front-end- the most important thing, is to offer a great website browsing experience. It will automatically increase excitement and make customers cling to site for long.

What you need to do?

    • A remarkable logo
    • Access to best deals and offers from
    • Easily available FAQ’s
    • Support guest checkout
    • Traceable Search box
    • Spotable Add to Cart button
    • Blog Page
    • Trust Factor
    • Compatible for all devices
2. Ensure safety in transactions

Modern customers trust and stick with brands that offer quick checkout process and safe transactions. Making the purchase process long and time taking frustrates the customer, who in turn, immediately leaves the site to buy the product from sellers who allows them to do so.

What you need to do?

    • Offer proper visuals and details of the product on the checkout page
    • Highlight discount saving, if any
    • Accurate product price (including shipping charges)
    • Multiple popular payment option
    • Quick payment transaction
3. Always be there for your customers

Modern customers are more happy with brands that keeps them updated with the latest trends, information and even are available for them, especially whenever need the most.

What you need to do?

    • Offer 24*7 chat support system
    • Self support- access to blog page and helpful resources
    • Traceable contact detail
4. Gain customer insights

Understanding your customer’s behavior and optimizing the front-end of your website is being practiced by most of the retailers, however,  a smarter choice is offer front-end facilities as per your customer’s voice.

This will act as a sure-fire, that will ensure your customers get exactly what they want and spread a good word about your brand.

What you need to do?

Integrating a customer’s feedback tool in the front-end will help you encourage your loyal, as well as, new customers to provide inputs that can be beneficial to other customers who visit your site in future.

Such tools send direct survey links to your site’s visitors, which can also be customized according to a theme that fits your brand.

The above are the must-have that every retailer should focus on; however, it is also advisable to frequently optimize features in your front-end, asking yourself the below questions:

    1. What will your target audience immediately look for, when they reach your site?
    2. What features and functionality can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Next, we move on to the back-end

Many sellers still perform their back-end operation manually for each channel, consuming more time and costs, both.

Multi-channel selling is the buzzword for online sellers that allows them a competitive advantage and helps them grow successfully.

Whether you are selling on a single channel, or across multiple platforms, workflow automation can expedite and streamline all your major business tasks. Saving you a lot of time and efforts, you will have ample of time to think on ways that can enhance customer service and increase brand value.

What can be those most needed things you should focus in the back-end for your retail store?

1. Ensure accurate listing and stock updates

Denying customers for their orders- due to incorrect stock levels displaying in your store, is the
last thing you would like to do.

Customers, who land on your site and place orders for their favourite products, will have great expectations from your brand. However, just because you missed out to update stock levels, you may not have stock in hand.

Such scenarios automatically lead to delay fulfilling the customer’s order, or, even worst cancellation of the order.

What you need to do?

Having an ability to sync your inventory (for all your stores) at one place and automate inventory levels, as soon as, a sale is made; will help you eliminate the risk of errors.

A centralized inventory management system helps retailers to bring all their products at one place and keep stock levels up-to-date, always.

This way, you can ensure every customer’s order is fulfilled and in time.

2. Sending information for fulfilment

Another important factor that can hamper a customer experience is printing out wrong shipping labels.

Such situations automatically delays shipment, and results to a frustrated customers who will never shop from your site. Always remember, it takes no time for unsatisfied customers to spread negativity about your brand.

What you need to do?

An excellent shipping management system is the solution for any sized retailers to ensure accurate printing, packing, and shipping of customer’s orders.

Such systems, allows retailers to directly sync order details at one place, and helps them create shipping labels in one-click.

This automatically eliminates the risk of shipping errors, as well as, allows retailers to print multiple shipping labels in-one-go.

3. Living up to your customer’s expectation across all your channels

Multi-channel selling is the buzzword for many retailers now, without which, they cannot survive the rapidly growing competition. Many business owners have expanded their products visibility across multiple channels, however, managing back-end operation for a set of stores, is all together a different game.

If you are one of them who are still using multiple accounts to process and manage different stores, I’m sure you are unable offer the same attention for each channel. This directly impacts the service level, leading to more and more unsatisfied customers, who in turn, jumps to one of your competitors to experience a better shopping experience.

What you need to do?

An order management system in place is helping many retailers to automate major order management process and enhance efficiency for every customer’s order they fulfil.

Such systems allow retailers to consolidate orders coming from their multiple stores, at one place, making it easy, quick and accurate to process every customer’s orders that come in.

4. Building strong relation with your customers

According to a number of reports, existing customers can bring the maximum business for retailers than the new ones.

Therefore, it is helpful to have a system in the back-end that can allow you respond to a specific action, for instance, triggering an automated messages that adds a value to the customer’s experience when dealing with your brand.

What you need to do?

Adding an email marketing solution in your back-end will allow you immediately target your potential customers based on their behaviour, interests, and demographics.

Such software will also help you to customize messages and promote your brand and products that can add value to customers.


It’s not enough that your store is attractive. It’s not enough that your offerings are great. Modern customers, who are not satisfied, take no time to switch over to one of your competitors.

Therefore, struggle and provide an excellent customer experience, keeping in mind the above discussed factors that will actually make sense to your retail business.

Effective promotional strategies to increase visibility over popular marketplaces

Experts at Orderhive(a multi-channel retail management solution) does not only provide customized software to ease back-end processes, but also, understands seller’s concern and offers insights that could help them grow.

In one of our recent conversation with sellers who had gathered at a local event in India, the most discussed challenge by sellers, is the struggle they face to attract traffic and keep orders flowing in when selling over popular marketplaces.

Analyzing the process of leading marketplaces, I have come up with this blog to offer insights that could help small marketplace sellers gain a kick-start and grow successfully.

Firstly an overview of the leading online marketplaces

This platform records with 294 million active users across the globe. Allowing sellers with wide product category range and in-house fulfillment services(known as FBA), Amazon offers separate websites for United States, India, United Kingdom and more.

A leading online marketplace, Flipkart is gaining increased popularity and is ranked 7th among the top sites in India. This marketplace also provides its sellers a fulfillment advantage(known as Flipkart Advantage).

“Flipkart F1-Stop seller support program” are attracting more and more small sellers, and Orderhive who recently partnered with this innovative marketplace model- will act as a help-line for small sellers to gain insights and perform better.


Ebay allows its sellers to offer their services across 190 countries. This platform is increasing its importance among sellers as it helps them access a customer base who are ready to pay good for their products.

EBay believes in helping sellers improve visibility, hence, they have a listing limit for each of their subscription plan.

The above online marketplaces are growing rapidly, and, more and more sellers are trying their luck to be a part of their large profit-base. Yet, many are forced to shut their online stores due to poor returns on investments.

Instead of blindly spending hundreds and thousands of dollars for promoting your products, why not use features offered by the marketplace that are specially designed to help small sellers grow.

How do these marketplaces help small sellers increase visibility and sales for their online stores?

promotional-strategies (1)For Amazon sellers:

Amazon’s Sponsored product

Use Amazon’s “Sponsored Product” feature that allows sellers more control over products by increasing visibility in search results.

How does it work?
Sponsored products uses targeted ads that helps sellers increase their product visibility when any online shoppers searches for the keyword that you bid on. The best part, you only pay when an Amazon shopper will click on your ad and land on your product detail page.

Most of the popular product categories are eligible for the “Sponsored Product” feature. And  targeted ads appear under search results, in the right column on search results pages, and in an ad placement on detail pages, allowing sellers gain maximum exposure for their products.

For Flipkart sellers:

Recently, according to an article published by one of the leading news house in India, Flipkart has plans to waive out commission they charge sellers and push sellers to advertise over their platform.

“Product Listing Ad” feature

Similar to Amazon, Flipkart has recently come up with “Product Listing Ad” feature that every seller should adopt to increase product visibility and sales, both.

Product Listing Ads will make it automatically improve clicks for your products on

How does it work?

  • Select product and create an ad campaign.
  • Your selected products will be highlighted as “Featured Products” across multiple pages on Flipkart.
  • Buyer browsing across the sites will be promoted with your ads.

For eBay sellers:

Product Identification Code

eBay considers the products MPN, and GTINs- to help online shoppers quickly find for products they are looking for.

Including product identifiers such as Universal Product Codes (UPCs) or International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) for products will help eBay sellers keep their products up in search engines and automatically increase their chances of more and more sales.

Listing Analytics

Another effective method to improve visibility for your products on eBay, is adopting its  “Listing Analytics” feature.

How does it work?

  1. Review and analyze key metrics of your product listings
  2. Know each of your products performance each time.

When selling on marketplaces, small sellers should focus more in using their in-built features which are specially designed to help them grow.  Such platforms are constantly seen to come up with innovative business models, all in an effort to help their sellers grow and increase overall growth for the marketplace.

For sellers who selling on other marketplaces, following are useful tricks that you can adopt to increase visibility

Offer personalized content

Content has always been the key for getting out products and services to customers, however, offering content in a selling tone does not help sellers divert traffic to their marketplace store.

Offering valuable content with a personalized tone are already helping eBay sellers boost sales. Similar to eBay, all other marketplaces encourages its sellers to come up with content that offers value to potential, as well as, existing customers.

Leverage social media

As mentioned above, excellent content goes in line with the distribution of content through your social media channels.


This platform offers a feature called “Advertising on Facebook.” It allows sellers offer content, promote products, and divert traffic to their online marketplace stores.


Twitter has evolved from a real-time information feed to a promotional platform. Sellers are taking advantage of it’s advertising tool to generate new traffic by promoting products and content to followers in their advertising arsenal.

Another remarkable feature, Twitter Ads are helping many sellers to increase click-through-rates, as well as, captures potential customers details which are later used in their re-targeting strategies.

Happy selling :)

Holiday Discounting for eCommerce- Seller’s Guide

Considering the upcoming holiday season, sellers across the globe are trying their best to come with the best discounting strategy, however, as per one of the recent article on DNA, a report by PWC India mentioned that Indian e-commerce companies have estimated a loss Rs. 1,000 crore due to heavy discounting practice.

On the other side- a survey conducted by PWC, out of total 1,005 respondents almost half of them prefer to shop from brands online that allow them with valuable deals and offers. With this, you can understand how discount is important for modern customers, but, blindly offering discounts can kill profit margin and reduce revenue for your ecommerce business.

Smart Discounting for Holiday season 2015


Discounts have been a sales booster for many sellers across the globe since quite a while now, and per eMarkerter– the holiday sales in U.S. saw an increase of 7% sales in 2014 estimating a push of 100 billion. Another report by shows the increase in sales revenue from 2013 to 2014. As per their research the e-commerce spendings between November 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014, at $53.31 billion, compared with $46.55 billion the same period in 2013. The maximum spendings were experienced on Thanksgiving Day (32%) and Black Friday (26%), while Cyber Monday saw a smaller gain of 17%, likely because much activity on this day shifted to mobile.

E-commerce is experiencing a rapid growth year-after-year, however, blindly offering discounts will result to reduced revenue during the most profitable season of the year.

List of upcoming holidays 2015

  1. Thanksgiving(November 26th 2015)
  2. Black Friday(November 27th 2015)
  3. Cyber Monday(November 30th 2015)
  4. Green Monday(December 14th 2015)
  5. Super Saturday(December 19th 2015)
  6. Christmas Eve(December 24th 2015)
  7. Christmas Day(December 25th 2015)
  8. Boxing Day(December 26th 2015)
  9. New Year’s Eve(December 31st 2015)

Facts about holiday shopping behavior that you can consider in your discounting strategy 2015

  1. Holiday season drives 30% more e-commerce revenue than non-holiday days.
  2. Maximum revenue (50%-100%) is experienced by ecommerce sellers during Black Friday and Christmas, compared to any other day of the year.
  3. 48% of holiday shoppers shop the most before Cyber Monday.Source: Google, RJMetrics

Who are the eligible ones to target your discounts?

Discount influences almost every shopper online. But, running the same discount strategy to attract new customers, as well as, encourage existing ones can prove to be an expensive idea. This will no doubt bring increased sales opportunities for your store, however, following customer segmentation can help your run a smarter discount strategy during this holiday season 2015.

For instance:

Targeting new customers during this holiday season

With hundreds and thousands of sellers trying to compete with each other- offering those standard flat discounts to customers may make you disappear in the crowd. Instead coming up some innovative discount offers irrelevant to your product and brand, but, valuable to modern customers will help you increase click-through-rate for your site.

Such discount offers can be a freebie, eatery coupon codes and more.

Targeting new customers during this holiday season

Holiday season is special to all, and considering the same standard discount offer for your existing customers won’t make them feel special. There will be more chances of them jumping to a new site. Your holiday discount offers will be seen by your existing customers when they visit your ecommerce site or social media accounts, however, promoting your holiday discounts in a personalized manner will make them stick to your brand.

With a customer management system in place, identify your loyal customers and individually target them with personalized content and offer.

In the end, you need to consider that your discount offers are attractive and appreciable to new and existing customers, both.

Types of discounts that you can consider

discountAnnouncing large discounts will increase sales order for your site, but, without having a strategy in place can impact the bottom line of your ecommerce business.

So, what can be those effective tactics that can add a value for you and your customers?

1- Special offers on your old inventory and excess of stock

Discounts can help sellers find ways to strategically get rid of their seasonal or perishable products, instead of stocking them for long.

Holiday season is the best time of the year to promote such products by offering them at a discounted price. And, with a number of people going online to look up for the best deals and discount during holidays, such products become easy to gain visibility and sell off easily.

2- Discount on your new product line

Holidays are ideal time of the year to spread awareness about your new product line. Online shoppers are quickly attracted to new products and styles, therefore, announcing one time discount offers for your new collection will surely increase popularity and boost holiday sales fr your online business.

3- Discount coupons as problem-solver

Another effective method, is to offer discounts as sympathy. With an increase in the number of sales during holiday season, you’ll also have many unhappy customers too. Some common concerns include delay in delivery, wrong product delivered, etc. Discounts can be the best way to overcome such challenges, which means, apart from getting the issue resolved; offering discount coupons for the next purchase can help stop them discontinue relationship with your brand.

4- Extra discount to increase sales cycle

Holiday season is time bound, therefore, coming up with time-sensitive discounts will help you earn increased number of sales order throughout the season. For instance: “Buy this weekend and receive an additional 10% discount” can be an effective approach to create excitement, as well as, a fear of losing the deal if not taken action immediately.

5- Discounts to gain a competitive advantage

If you are a startup or medium business, it is very difficult to compete large players discount offers. In such case, you may want to consider strategic discounting for customer retention.

I’m sure with the above you’ll not put your pricing strategy at a risk, however, tracking performance each time will help you practice excellent discounting strategy for ecommerce business.

Happy Holidays:)

Tips to organize indoor product photoshoots

Ecommerce has made selling so easy, today, anyone can make money from their own convenience. However, attracting customers can be a major challenge for startups and business owners with low budget. With holidays around the corner, retailers need to find effective ways to attract more and more customers and make the best out of this holiday season 2015.

People who shop online are unable to check the quality of the product, however, the image of product helps them get an idea. Ecommerce business owners who overlook the importance of product image, don’t understand it’s importance in customer’s purchase decisions. Therefore, focusing on your product photography can help you develop an instant trust in the viewer’s mind and encourage them to take decisions on-the-go.

Organizing outdoor product photography depends on many factors(climatic conditions,outdoor shoot permission, etc.), and considering start-ups and medium business owners, this practice can prove to be expensive at the initial stage. Indoor photography is proving to be an ideal for such business owners.

This article will highlight effective tips to organize and produce excellent product photographs, indoor

1. Select correct light

Light has a major role to help online shoppers identify the quality of the product. Keeping in mind the color of your product and the area’s background, ensure you select light that will offer a clear view of the product from all angles and highlight the standard too.


2. Add a prop

Next, think of elements that can help you enhance the product photograph, or showcases its usage. Considering your product shape, size and color, think of a prop to make it tempting.


3. Click only the required area

Last, you need to ensure your photograph is clicked to focus more on the product and not the surroundings. Ensure you produce an image that can offer viewers a proper view(not too close, not too far) to attract more interest.


In closing

Of course, there is a lot that goes into making a great product photograph, however, with the above tips you can experiment and come up with some high-quality images for your product.

Good Luck!

How To Make Dropshipping An Ideal Business Model For Your Company

What if I say you don’t need to stock inventory nor process orders on your own, while you simply have to relax and sell hundreds of products and earn profits?


Dropshipping model is the answer!

Traditional approach

Unlike dropshipping model, any startup will have to rent space, stock products, attract customers, and finally fulfill orders that come in. In most cases business owners consider extra stocking, which, later are kept lying on the shelves. This is the most common approach taken by many eCommerce start-ups, but, can prove to be expensive if not managed well. Though, online retailing is a web based business- the products are stocked by the owner, which is then fulfilled and delivered to customers.


The Dropshipping Model- an ideal solution for any start-up

Dropshipping model is seen to been adopted by more and more eCommerce retailers, that it allows them a kick-start; with low initial cost and risks.

So, what makes it possible?

  • No product stocking hassle
  • No need to spend in renting/space/warehouse
  • Only purchase stock when you receive a sales orderThis model will not only prove to be a cost-saver for a start up, but also, helps them generate maximum profit for their business.

What makes a successful dropshipping model?

Step 1- Research for relevant dropshipping companies

Take ample amount of time and research for relevant suppliers to ensure they frequently deal with products you are planning to sell. To work with experienced companies of the same interest, is foremost thing you need to consider when planning for a successful dropshipping model for your business.

Step 2- Be in frequent touch with them

Next, you need to develop relation with the dropshipping companies you have finalized. Working with a single dropshipping company will help you run your business, however, in case of emergency(e.g. stock issues at the company) having an alternative will help overcome ugly scenarios and ensure your start up business grows successfully.

Step 3- Check on the returns and customer support part with the ones you’ll deal with

There will be some of customers who will change their minds after submitting an order and immediately contact you either for changing the order, or, even worst, request for cancellation. Adopting a dropshipping business model, you won’t have a warehouse where you could address returns. Therefore, ensure your dropshipping company allows a fast turnaround for confirming order changes and cancellations, as, well as, make it clear to your customers, too.

Wrapping up

Dropshipping is an option for online business owners who wish to make their lives easier. There may be a few setbacks and minimal risks, but, with wise judgment and proper management; dropshipping can be a smooth-sailing transaction.

This model is slowly and gradually becoming popular among startups. There are few setbacks(stock issue, delay in fulfilling customer’s orders), however, with the above tips and a liking for what you are selling, dropshipping model can be an ideal solution for your as a start-up.

Goodluck :)

How strong customer relations can help you drive sales?

A study by Market Metrics (a FactSet company) states that probability of selling to new customers is 5-20% compared to the probability of selling to existing customers, that is 60-70%.

Building relation with your existing customers will help you increase sales order for your business. But, how can you do so?

Excellent customer service- Key to drives sales

Gone are those days, when your job was to just make a sale. Today, customers expect a more personalized shopping experience, and brands offering service to their customers in a way that they would like are already gaining a competitive advantage and increase sales for their business.

CRM - Customer Relation Management

Below in this article, we provide some tips to increase bonding with customers and how will those tactics help you increase sales for your business.

If you think building relation with customers happens overnight, then you are mistaken. What you need to do, is to identify those elements that works and allow you to grow. Don’t worry it’s not as hard as you think.

Here are four effective practices:

1. Communicate

The key for a successful relation, is communication. And, communicating with customer in a personalized way will make them feel they are actually dealing with humans and not robots. Whether you think of sending a thank you email after every purchase they make, or greet them on special occasions- frequently communicating with existing customers will build trust and make them feel you care about them being your customer. This way, they will automatically stick with your brand and make repeat purchases.

2. Reward

Modern customers look for a give-and-take relationship. Therefore, rewarding customers in a way they would like will make them stick with your brand, as well as, spread a good word about your service in their networks. But, it’s not possible to reward all your customers. Adopting a contact management system, you can prepare customer segmentations, which make it easy to track customer purchase behavior and later target the ones that you are sure of being loyal with your brand.

3. Educate

Today, customers always prefer to stick with brands who offer the latest trends and regularly updates them with information that they are eager to know. Creating content and offering it to customers in a personalized way can help you build a unique bonding and encourage them to stick to your brand and enjoy shopping from your store, always. Investing in email marketing campaigns, will give you a chance to frequently stay on customer’s mind, build their confidence with your valuable information, and also, encourage them to attract customers for your business.

4. Engage

Successful relations will depend on the engagement level. Therefore, the more you encourage customers to engage with your brand, the better relation you can built. There are many ways you can do so, however, encouraging customers to partner in brand improvements can be ideal choice. Doing so, will open the doors for new ideas and initiatives, making it easy to increase relationship and encourage them to spread a good word about the brand experience they are getting, in their networks.

Wrapping up
Despite all your effort, it may not be possible to built the same relation with every customer. However, implementing the above steps will help you gain measurable improvements in sales, as and when you lengthen the relationship with the most valuable customers of your brand.