Keep pace with growing competition by opting for a multi-channel software

With the increasing demand of online shopping these days, selling through a single source is not a good idea for any online retailers.  If you were thinking of ways to keep a pace with the growing competition as well as increase sales, the perfect and the advanced solution would be multi-channel software.

Keep pace with growing competition by opting for a multi-channel software

A simple definition of multi-channel software:

The beauty of multi-channel software is that it lets you integrate leading marketplaces and shopping portals with a total control via a single integrated platform. This eliminates the hassle of uploading your products individually on every channel and allows you a centralized warehouse deciding which product to push to which channel.

Multi-channel integration can help you save time with sales and order management, bringing all your orders in one central location. This brings a better visibility of your product sales and helps you make proactively managerial decisions in regards to your online business.

Why opt for multi-channel software?

Multi-channel software offers online retailers integrate with leading sales channels, enabling them an advantage to target wide audience, whilst generating more revenue. If you have an independent website and want to increase sales by integrating with various channels, then Orderhive can integrate your existing website with multi-channel integration.

Orderhive, a multi-channel inventory management system and order management system will help you centralize retailing data in one system and efficiently manage your e-commerce business. They offer the best synchronization methods to fit your exact multi-channel retailing requirements and keep pace with the growing competitions.

Benefits of multi-channel software:

  • Online retailers can sell one product via multiple channels.
  • Controls inventory as per seller’s wish.
  • Automatically updates/re-list price changes in real-time.
  • It has a capability to handle barcodes.
  • Allow retailers to sell products with different title, description, and price at multiple marketplaces.

Quality of multi-channel software:

  • The software is designed with functionalities that are of utmost quality.
  • Multi-channel inventory management software notifies you when you stock levels are low and gives you the best initiative how you sell products across multi-channels.
  • Multi-channel shipping management software is capable of handling multiple carrier companies and allows choosing the best one based on shipping and packing rules.
  • Allows integration of barcodes and hence allows you to print the same.

To keep pace with growing competition in e-commerce industry, retailers have to opt for smart strategies like multi-channel software. Without this, one is likely to be outranked by competition. In this 21st century, retailers running an individual store might not be enough, and should consider entering into multiple marketplaces. For cost-effective and quality oriented multi-channel software, you should visit



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