Top 5 steps to maximize profitability with multi-channel integration

To grab a complete customer-driven retail environment, online retailers need to overcome deficiencies in their management systems, simplify their back-end operations, and gain a single point of control. A multi-channel management platform like Orderhive unites the power of disparate eCommerce systems to enable retailers a superior shopping experience for their customers while maximizing profits from each sales channels.

Multi-channel integration software ensures retailers enhance their back-end operations by connecting proper inventory management system across eCommerce channels. Orderhive delivers a distinct competitive advantage for online retailers to leverage fixed store overhead to increase profits and improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. By making store inventory seamlessly available for eCommerce sales, retailers can now realize lost sales opportunity and optimize inventory across various sales channels. With this innovative multi-channel software, Ordrehive provides a single integrated view of store and warehouse inventory to your eCommerce web store to improve SKU availability for online shoppers and enables you to maximize order profitability.

Feature of multi-channel integration

  • Seamless availability of in-store inventory for eCommerce sales
  • Intelligent order routing to best available stores based on retailer-defined criteria
  • Customized packing and shipping labels
  • Automated carrier integration
  • Automated inventory updates
  • Robust real-time reports

Top 5 steps to maximize profitability with multi-channel integration

To manage various selling channels, multi-channel integration through a platform specially designed to this scenario will make the transition seamless and allow your retail store gain the benefits of this sales structure. Multi-channel integration platform, such as Orderhive, allow online retailers a proper order management system.

Top 5 steps to maximize profitability with multi-channel integration

To operate a multi-channel strategy that maximizes profits and provides a great shopping experience for buyers, follow these steps:

  1. Combine assortment planning across channels. Use inventory optimization tools and analytics to balance stock-levels and purchase requirements regardless of channels. This means driving back-end innovations and integration for supporting various channels in a visible method for your web store. There are many order and inventory management tools available like Brightpearl, Orderhive, Tradegecko to name a few which can help to channelize your resources in the right direction.
  2. The excitement in shopping needs to be restored so that shoppers are less attracted to the lowest advertised prices and more by the emotion attached to a brand and the shopping experience. Retailers that deliver applicable tailored offers in real time to consumers regardless of channel coupled with accurate availability, shipment, and product data are heading in a precise direction.
  3. Enable real-time business decision capabilities, improved loyalty management, and especially cross-channel loyalty, for example by offering online coupons that can be redeemed at your web store.
  4. Online customer support is a key consumer expectation that can also result in maximum cost savings when moving from call center experts to web-based support. As a result, customer service investments can pay off.
  5. Use social networking tools to allow customer group analytics, enable targeted promotions, assortment, and new product developments. Customers’ feedback can also be gathered flawlessly via social networks. Using dedicatory technologies, retailers can now enable one-to-one relations and contextually-relevant real-time interactions with customers, while at the same time tracking shoppers’ patterns and customer feedback, and so monitoring business performance indicators in a more timely and accurate manner. Moreover, this again benefits the bottom-line; lower stock levels, and better-designed assortments that fit shoppers’ potential. Customers demand personalization, and the retailers that deliver on this constraint will achieve a substantial and sustainable competitive advantage over time.

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