How Twitter is helping businesses to improve customer service?

Boost your customer service as brand amplifier by optimizing Twitter for order management

Twitter, As one of the most popular online social networking and micro blogging service has revolutionized the way companies connect and converse with customers in real-time online. A legendary precedent by Frank Eliason during his tenure at Comcast by starting the twitter handles @ComcastCares. Referred to as “most famous customer service manager in US, and possibly the world” by Business week, Fran Eliason’s innovative customer service initiative revolutionized the way organizations perceived social media. Among the popular social media platforms, Twitter is more personal, less formal and gives immediacy to interactions. Twitter, Thus more than just being a medium to broadcast messages through tweets online, Also provides an incredible opportunity to engage those voices and ensure a heightened brand presence for enterprises. It is an efficient tool towards boosting order management and order fulfillment.

How Twitter is helping businesses to improve customer service

According to a recent report on the usage of twitter by Interbrand’s top 100 brands by Simply Measured, Industry’s leading social media Analytics Company, While 95% of the top Interbrand Brands are active on twitter, Almost 23% of Top Brands have a dedicated customer service handle on twitter. Companies now recognize that an active online presence is not just essential but also instrumental to nurturing enterprise-customer relationships. However, Speed and quality of your response are critical indicators of an efficient customer support team and A crucial element of twitter’s success too is to keep the tweets prompt and timely.

It helps in nurturing a one on one relationship by helping companies engage in a dialogue with customers and offer a more personalized touch. Literally short and sweet, The tweets are only upto 140 characters so that they can be consumed even via mobile text messages and include links, videos, photos. Moreover with recent updates to the service, Twitter is gaining a massive traction among enterprises for customer service.

So how does Twitter enhance the customer service?

Twitter empowers customer relationship management by enabling a conversation between the enterprises and consumers. An effective use of twitter and other social media tools conveys a positive and more forthcoming staff involvement. Moreover by encouraging and acting on feedbacks, Twitter enables to build an image and identity for the brand.

As enterprises strive to engage in a conversation with customers through twitter, Conversations lead to customers, Customers lead to customers, and thus a relationship of trust grows. The following are the ways that Twitter can improve your customer service.

Twitter is lightening Fast and efficient:

An efficient customer service staff knows that customers do not appreciate wait time. A simple tweet even if it is a reassurance can go miles in sustaining a positive experience for the customer.

Cumulative Image:

A dedicated customer service handle on twitter goes a long way in building a powerful brand identity for the customers. Make sure that your customer service information and URL is in the profile. Thus, Twitter emerges as a high brand amplifier.

Respond to customer queries:

Twitter is an incredibly quick way of reaching out to the customer and responding to their questions and issues. A follow-up through twitter on any queries conveys a positive image of the company.

Proactively resolve complaints:

Twitter acts as a great customer management tool by enabling a prompt response to a negative feedback. The customer support team must ensure a prompt response to any negative comment.

Appreciate positive feedbacks:

Similarly, Customer service team can convey appreciation for the positive feedback from customers or stakeholders.

Brand Track:

Twitter also enables to track the brand conversation across the twitter ecosystem and monitor the brand presence and identity.

Encouraging and responding to feedback:

Twitter also ensures a constant conversation with customers by encouraging feedback either through online polls, views, sharing links, photos or videos. The effort can be further made more fruitful by responding to the feedback so as to nurture enterprise customer relationships.

Saves time and money:

As twitter is free and simple to use, Enterprises do not have to spend much time or money. Moreover, with social media management tools, it can further bring a consistent brand voice across the social media world.

With order management and order fulfillment as crucial aspects of customer service management, Twitter thus significantly boosts the efficiency in order management.


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