Top 5 cost-effective social media tools for small businesses

Social media is the most effective way for small business to indulge with that allows them connect with customers and build its brand name abruptly.

Why Social media?

In order to get your store a successful social media presence, it is crucial to grab every valuable opportunity to increase customer awareness. Having the ability to know what your customers, competitors and rest of the social media community are saying about your store, it is very important to getting great results from social media campaigns.

Indulge with the right social media tools!

Whosoever has done a Google search on social medial tools, may have come across hundreds of tools available to measure, analyze and create reports that show a store’s engagement level. But did you ever imagine, indulging with the wrong tools can result to more cost and use of resources.

Therefore, before choosing a social media tool, ensure to review the features and confirm that it suits your marketing needs. Many paid tools give you a sort of trial so that you can try before you buy. Hence, it is always recommended to take an advantage of those tools before you make a final decision.

Below, I present you with 5 social media tools always recommended for any small online business owner. These tools will help you save time needed for engagement and affordable for a small business budget.

Top 5 cost-effective social media tools for small businesses

Top 5 cost-effective social media tools for small businesses are: 


HootSuite, because it has the most user-friendly interface makes posting on Twitter and other social networks easy. HootSuite will allow user to attach images, schedule updates, or other document file types like (PDF, .doc, CSV) add location information, and choose privacy settings for social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to control who sees the posts. Users can also track mentions across platforms and view social media traffic data.

A valuable social media tool that helps real-time posting on social media platforms as well as allow you to interact with customers.

HootSuite also has more than one price level. The regular version is free while the pro starts at around $8.99/month.


An ultimate publishing tool, Roost enables to set up multiple social networks wherein you can choose to which of those accounts you wish to publish your content at any given time. With this tool you can create either a single post or set up a series, known as “campaigns.” Another best functionality of this tool is it’s calendar view option enables the user to see at a glance how many posts has been scheduled for a given time, day, week or month- and to which account the content is scheduled. Unlike HootSuite, Roost does not provide users with the ability to monitor conversations from others.

As to price, Roost bills itself as “Free Now, Free Forever,” although there is a premium version intended for use strictly by realtors.


Similar to Roost, Postling is publishing tool, but also has an ability to show interactions from “Facebook Fans” and “Twitter Followers”.

Postling facilitates integration with platforms like “WordPress,” and “Tumblr,” hence can help the user use it for posting blogs. Moreover, the user can create multiple brand accounts, choose from many social networks, and set up multiple administrators.

Postling is not free but affordable. Pricing starts around at $1.00 for the first 30 days, then around $3.00 per month thereafter for each social network used. For most small businesses, that would mean a monthly outlay of not more than $15 to $20.


Another beneficial and one of the most recommended tool to small business owners is Simplify360. Simplify360 is a social media engagement and analytics tool that lets you engage with your customers, and analyze and interpret the social mentions of your brand. With this valuable tool, users can consolidate conversions happening about their brand  from various social media communities and actionable insights.

Price range from $45 a month.


Last but the most helpful social media tool is ManageFlitter. “Twitter” can be very noisy, hence with the help of this tool you can better handle your “Twitter account” for social engagement efficiently.

ManageFlitter integrates with your Twitter account and helps you a) find relevant audience to follow and connect, b) Unfollow inactive and spam accounts, c) Schedule and post tweets at optimal times, d) Monitor keywords, username and even websites mentioned on Twitter and e) Offers real-time analytics of your Twitter account.

ManageFlitter offers a free trial, hence you can sign up for a “free account” and get access to basic features for testing the service. The Pro Plan for more robust individual users is around $12/month.


Scheduling messaging and content using the above mentioned tools will help you focus on larger picture, while still remaining engaged with fans and followers through immediate and in-the-moment responses. So what are waiting for? Start scheduling your posts and adding content, but always remember to continue monitoring and engaging with your followers. The above social media tools are here to help, but there still needs to be a personal voice behind the accounts.


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