Promote your business on LinkedIn: Tips and tricks

Whether you are looking for a job or running your business, you will get the benefits of the connection in your network. Networking has always remained an integral part for business and today with the rapid growth of the Internet and many social sites, it has become a lot more easier to promote your business and make contacts. When we talk about social websites, the most effective site for many entrepreneurs and business owners is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a complete professional network that enables you to promote your profile and your business. It allows you to build a professional network of contacts and update you with the latest information from your competitors.


With millions of users on tap worldwide, it gives you an ability to generate business connections, which in-turn will help promote your business. With so much potential, it is essential for any business owners to be able to utilize and leverage the concept in order to use it to their advantage.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to use LinkedIn effectively:

1. Showcase a nice profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn enables you connect with the right people having same field of interests across the world, hence always remember that your LinkedIn profile is not just a profile, but more than that it’s your enhanced electronic business card that helps people to know about your skills and expertise. So spend more time to complete your profile with the right keywords to connect with correct people.

LinkedIn is a professional network, hence it is always recommended to add a professional photograph in LinkedIn so people can easily recognize you. Also, update your profile on frequent basis with valuable information. Add your field of experience, additional interests other than your job and your contact details.

2. Make connection on LinkedIn

It is always suggested to spend time on LinkedIn to update your profile and make new contacts. Have a relevant contact list that can include people you know outside of LinkedIn and also connect with people of similar interest. With the help of “people you may know” tool helps you discover more new connections.

Once you have created strong contact connection on LinkedIn, you can request people from your existing connections to recommend you to others in your field. This way you increase your business visibility.

3. Bring your page to life!

Add a banner image to the top of your LinkedIn company page. The default landing page is the “Home Page.” Your banner image will appear at the top of this tab. It is also suggested to place clickable URL behind your primary banner image, which will serve as an additional traffic driver and, of course, another reason for users to like your page.

4. Create join and participate in groups

Joining and participating in groups shows your interest and increases your engagement among people. Also, you can create your own LinkedIn group and invites your contact to join the group.

5. Use LinkedIn ads for specific audience

LinkedIn has some great marketing tools to help you target ads to specific industries and to the level of leadership that people hold within a company. LinkedIn Ads is a self-service advertising solution that allows you to create and place ads on prominent pages on the website. People click on your ads and visit your website.

Your ads may appear in various positions on any or all of the pages listed below:

  • Profile page
  • Home page
  • Inbox
  • Search result page
  • Groups

Your ads will be displayed to LinkedIn members who meet your targeting criteria. This is the ultimate branding tool for any business.

6. Write recommendation for others

The best thing what you can do is to write recommendations for some people that you have already worked with or you are working with. Most likely your recommendation is going to be approved, and when it does – your name and your company name will reflect on their profile as long as it’s up. This feature is awesome for branding.

7. Get your employees on LinkedIn

Great employees’ can be your best marketing power. You can ask your employees to update their LinkedIn profile to state they work at your company. So, if each user profile is connected to 100 people, then a company with 10 employees result to a potential reach of 1000 when your employees post updates.

8. Populate your “About us” section

It is always recommended to populate your “About us ” section with effective keywords. Input valuables information in your skills and expertise section and include those keywords where appropriate.

9. Display proper contact information

The “Additional info” section on your LinkedIn profile, you can add information on the best and easiest way to reach you. So, if a potential prospect is interested in working with your business, they look for an easiest way to contact you instead of visiting your website and checking for contact info.

Okay, now you know the basic tips and tricks of how to really get your LinkedIn profile working for you.


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