Innovative trends that will change the way ecommerce companies work in 2014

The year 2013 was a successful one for many ecommerce retailers, as new online sales platforms and web design solutions are constantly emerging in the market. Improvements in technology are making it easier for anyone to enter in the ecommerce market, however it requires a professional advice, who has an deep knowledge about those innovative trends that are changing the way ecommerce companies work.

Innovative trends that will change the way ecommerce companies work in 2014

If you are ready to take your ecommerce business to a next level in 2014, you can have a look on the best ecommerce trends that you should consider in this year.

Significance of multi-channel selling

With a constant change in consumers shopping behavior, the need of multi-channel integration is a must. Selling through a single store is not a good idea any more. In the competitive world of ecommerce, small and medium business owners find it difficult to withstand large players, hence including integration with different selling platforms and marketplaces like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Amazon, eBay and many more can help them reach out more customers. This way you can increase selling opportunities and make your ecommerce business successful.


Over the past few years, we have seen a massive usage of smartphones for purchasing products online. The best way for ecommerce companies to take an advantage of the surge in sales through those devices is to create a responsive mobile website design to ensure that their site will be optimized on smartphones, tablets and any other hand-held devices. This way you can increase your source to receive orders from online shoppers who can purchase products anytime and anywhere.

Social networking sites

Social networking sites has been around since a decade, but social shopping imperatives are rapidly emerging. So, integrating a “share” button that enable users to share your content to their favorite social network sites is a good step, as integrating Facebook “like” button functionality. Also, there are login and rating/review integration tools such as “Facebook Connect”. Sites like LinkedIn, today, is on top of social shopping trends and provide strong examples of retailers leveraging social shopping integrations.

Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral target marketing looks quite solid on the other hand, as it is based on web surfing behavior of the visitor, having great implication on the future of online retailers.

This trend will help ecommerce retailers target data specific behavior of the customers that include search history, time taken on a webpage, items purchased recently, and search words that were used while looking for pages over the Internet. This data is useful to make informed decisions, saving you a lot of time and cost that can be used on campaigns that have proven data which is more effective.

Personalization and Localization

Personalization and localization are two innovative trends that retailers need to indulge in order to gain long-term strategy to withstand large competitor’s behavior. This will help retailers tailor each consumer’s shopping and browsing habits, creating a highly personalized shopping experience. So, every time when a customer visits or completes a transaction on an ecommerce site, he/she can provide data about their taste and preferences allowing retailers to recommend products as per demand, edit content on user’s screen and offer effective content that carter to individual customers.


So, these are some innovative trends that will change the way ecommerce companies work. No matter whether you are looking to build your ecommerce store with new features or want to customize it, considering the above steps will help you develop a successful and stable ecommerce business.

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