How important has same day shipping become for online sellers?

While “price” is considered to be an important factor when it comes to online purchase habits, more number of customers prefer to shop from sites that offers “same-day shipping.”

Today, online sellers are realizing that simply offering “free shipping” is no longer good enough to meet customers demand; it has become so widely used that it is now virtually expected. Both large and small ecommerce sites are constantly struggling for top spots in the online retail arena and many are learning that “same day shipping” may be the new answer to their success and survival.

How important has same day shipping become for online sellers?For a while now, “free shipping” was considered to be the effective solution for attracting new customers, whilst keeping their existing customer loyal, but the demands of the on-the-go customers are ever-evolving. So, online sellers have to realize how important it is to offer “same day shipping” and “efficient deliveries,” in order to retain customer and survive in the crowd.

According to “Bizrate Insights,” 20% of online shoppers in the apparel sector expect same day shipping, while 6.3% abandon their shopping cart because of no same day shipping available. Similarly, electronics with 23.9% and 6.5%, computer and software with 30.5% and 8.5%, gifts and flowers with 40.5% and 8.5% and entertainment with 25.9% and 5.1%.

The above stats shows how competitive shipping options has now become an important feature for online sellers in order to survive in the increasingly-competitive online shopping market. Recently, Google began talking about same-day shipping, an approach that other merchants like Amazon, eBay and Walmart have also considered and are still testing out the same premise for a new trend – quickest shipping service that enables a customer to order a product and have it delivered to their door within the same day or even hour. This way, online retailers should understand that same day shipping has the potential to revolutionize the shipping industry and become the new standard that online customers will expect to see in the near future.

Boost same day shipping with a shipping management software 

With many factors to keep in mind for same day shipping, the integration with a powerful shipping management software and system is needed to ensure a fluid process. Alerts for shipping and delivery, updated inventory and many other factors will need to be facilitated by a more robust shipping management system.

Shipping management system solution is a bliss for online sellers- embarking on same day shipping, will need custom solutions for integrating warehouse data and real-time data regarding shipments and deliveries. A custom shipping management solutions will allow complete control and stability.

As same day shipping management models are refined, it is likely for any size business to offer the service. While logistics are a crucial component of same day delivery, the software systems required to facilitate and monitor the process are equally necessary.

Few advantages of same day shipping model to online sellers: 

Easy supply management

When you have a same day shipping management system in place, you don’t have to worry about manage backlog of orders. In a traditional approach, a member of staff has to manage the order and assess as when they are going to ship them, if you are offering same day shipping, the process is more refined as you will simply have the products sent to your customers immediately after the order is placed.

Increase productivity 

When you offer a same day shipping, all your staff member know that they need to dispatch orders the same day, and that they have to meet the deadline in order to keep the company on track. This way same day shipping improves your staff productivity and diligence.

Customer satisfaction 

If you implement same day shipping service, you can eliminate out of stock scenarios and boost customers satisfaction. Many customer prefer online for a last moment shopping, but when we refer to customers last moment shopping, means he/she would expect the shipment and delivery the same day. Therefore, if you know you can get the product to them on the same day, you can assure the customers of this and keep their business, therefore earning you more profit.


It isn’t likely that online sellers would be able to offer the shipping option on every single product, so deciding which goods would be a part of the program could make a difference in its success.


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