How can online marketing help your offline store?

Today, visibility holds an important role for the success of any business. The more visible your products and services are, the faster you generate customers, in turn increase sales for your business.

With so many online stores offering products and services at a much reasonable price, people have changed their way of shopping, from traditional to virtual. You may have a chain of offline stores offering niche products and services, but having a bunch of regular customers, may no doubt, bring regular sales to your store, but limits your profit-margin. Today, the buzzword for any offline store is “online marketing.”

How can online marketing help your offline store?
Why online marketing is important for your offline store?

Many offline store still follow old business tactics, sticking flyers on transport vehicles or employing staff to hand out coupons, but let me you these are costly methods, having limited range, and in the end, environmentally unfriendly(flyers that you use ultimately goes in the trash). Instead, online marketing can be used to accomplish same outcomes, but with better results.

Effective online marketing tools and takeaways:

Global reorganization: Creating a business website will help offline store owners increase presence online. “Google” the best search engine allows any offline store owner to create a business page, which in turn can be found by shoppers from any corner of the world. For instance, if you have an “apparel store,” creating a business page with Google will increase your store’s presence in “Google search” and “Google Map.”

More traffic: Organizing events is one of the marketing strategy that an offline store woud implement, but doing it in a traditional way will make it a costly and hectic process . “Facebook,” one of the most preferred social networking site till date, has powerful online marketing tools. For example, if you own “software” store and you want to invite clients for your new product launch, “Facebook” allows you to create event page and share it within your network, targeting the correct group. This way you save yourself as well as your client’s valuabe time and money.

Effective promotion platform

Today, visual online marketing platforms are much in demand. Sites like “Pinterest,” “Instagram,” “YouTube,” with millions of active users, allows you to target potential customers through images and videos. For example, if you have a “eyewear store,” and you want to introduce new set of collections, then these visual platforms has the most effective tools to showcase your innovative collection through images or videos(your videos can be the making of your product) amongst potential audience. Also, with Pinterest’s “pin” feature, gives you an ability to highlight your products in a very effective way. The more people in your network “pin” your products, the more it gets visible online, increasing more chances of sale for that product.

Increase conversions

Including sign-up forms for appointments on your website will help you boost conversions. For example, if you have an “electronic store,” then you can use sign-up forms as a marketing tactic to attract customers for a free demo. This way you receive feedbacks from potential customers for your product and service, as well as enhances customer relationship.

Focus on potential customers

It becomes very important to focus on what your customers wants and things that promote your business. “Twitter” allows you to follow people, groups of your interest, and over time, the quality of what you share will help you grow strong followers who are your potential customers. For example, if you have store with “women’s shoe collection,” Twitter offers you “communication plan tool,” where your plan focuses your on topics designed to drive in potential customers and publish your tweets at the times you are most likely to engage people.

Partner with companies that promote your brand

Its always wise to tie up with brands of your interest, already having a mass of potential audience. This way you can promote your niche products and divert traffic to your offline store. Many offline stores use “LinkedIn” for this kind of marketing strategy. For example, if you have a store of “computer accessories,” LinkedIn offers you a tool know as “Sponsored Update Feature.” So, with this tool you can tie up with a company similar to your interest(e.g. computer), and promote you products to their target audience that will increase the exposure and reach of your brand. Also, you can determine the value and engagement of your sponsored updates through “Showcase Page” analytics tool in LinkedIn. This way you not only promote your brand, but also with proper analytics you can make better marketing decisions, targeting the right audiences.


Implementing online marketing will allow you to keep connected with new customers that are tech savvy; making customer retention easier. It is always suggested to any offline store owner to get social with the community, create a following host events, and engage with local consumers in an effort to stay top of mind.

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