How to increase your ecommerce sales with minimal marketing?

How would you react if I tell you that you can increase sales with minimal marketing? If you are one of those many ecommerce retailers out there, you wouldn’t believe me. But, what I am going to share with you isn’t something extraordinarily and you may have already heard about it. Hence, if you have overlooked this concept earlier and are looking for an easy to understand tips for increasing sales with minimal marketing, then please continue reading.

How to increase your ecommerce sales with minimal marketing?

Tips to increase sales with minimal marketing

Tip 1 – Identify your sales sources

It is always recommended to follow a pattern for your sales. This will help you to easily track and analyze from where your sales are generated and which is the is the most-effective source. This way you can easily divert more time in marketing within those sources instead of marketing on other sources, which may not bring in sales. You sources can include social networking platforms, a particular city or state that generates more sales. Knowing this information you can improve your marketing tactics, focusing on the correct sources, which in turn will help you minimize marketing efforts and cost, while you maximize your returns.

Tip 2 – Target your key customers

Many ecommerce sellers undertake specific campaigns to divert new customers, but at times overlook the importance of customer engagement. Bombarding ads, emails, or links to people, is no doubt a good start for marketing, but the one who contacts you though emails or even comments in your brand’s discussion should be given more importance – as they can be your key customers. Focusing on people, whom you know, is keen to know about you brand will be of a great help rather than blindly targeting people. Therefore, ensuring that you deliver on all promises, even the simplest ones like returning a phone call, replying an email or even question will help you increase engagement with the correct customer, as well as save time, money and reduce marketing efforts, efficiently.

Tip 3 – Keep in touch with potential clients

Always remember, you can eliminate most of your marketing efforts and cost by keeping your eyes and ears open. Knowing your potential clients (partners, suppliers, friends etc.) and keeping in touch with them will help you identify correct marketing opportunities and save much time promoting your products and services to the correct people. It is suggested to implement a monitoring tool that will help you know where more sales are generated from and optimize your marketing tactic, promoting the right product  to the right source.

Tip 4 – Analyze and learn from others

With all information available over the Internet, it is better to analyze and learn from your competitors before you plan a marketing campaign. No doubt, competition analysis will connect you to so many advantages, but, only if done correctly. When executed incorrectly, competition analysis can consume more of time, effort and resources. And, you would not like that to happen. Therefore, it is always recommended to take time, research and understand your competitors strengths and weakness to figure out what are their marketing tactics and how can it give you competitive advantage.This way you can minimize your marketing efforts and cost.

Tip 5 – The most common, but the most effective, use 80/20 principle

It makes sense to concentrate one’s energy on successful outcomes, instead of bombarding in the dark, hoping to produce a positive ROI.

The 80/20 principle is most effective when looking at products sold. So, it becomes helpful when you analyze your sales behavior and promote maximum selling products on relevant products page. Or, even include top sellers at home page.

When it comes to monitoring specific times of the day and day of the week KPIs, you may see that a Google AdWords campaign generates the most sales on weekdays between 12:00 pm and 11:30 pm. Why not take 80% of the budget and apply it towards that particular time frame? The more specific a campaign is, the easier it is to measure and scale. This way, you eliminate your marketing efforts and reduce cost, focusing on the most specific campaign to boost sales.


Focusing on these tips will help you increase sales with minimal marketing- you don’t need to boil the ocean. For example, you know that maximum of your online referrals come from social networking site – LinkedIn, then spend maximum efforts on LinkedIn, and minimize marketing on the rest. That’s a smart and the most cost-effective of marketing.


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