Top reasons why in-store shopping is still going strong

Shopping has been around for over hundreds of years, and today with rise of internet and online store, 75% of shoppers worldwide still prefer the experience of shopping in-store. Online shopping is highly popular, but does an online store do the job what an offline store does?

Online shopping sounds easy and convenient, but people still prefer in-store shopping experience, which brings us to the title of today’s article – why in-store shopping is still going strong?

Top reasons why in-store shopping is still going strong

With my research, here I present with top reasons that an in-store shopping experience offers that online shopping can’t deliver :


This is one aspect what attracts people to shop in-store, which online stores do not offer. Shoppers who shop in-store can get a chance to communicate with other shoppers and build relationship with one another while they shop. Also, nowadays many traditional store offer countless activities that can meet shoppers recreation needs allowing them a gala time while shopping. This is one of the reason, why in-store shopping is still alive.

Product availability

In-store shopping experience allows you to buy things that you see, unlike online stores who even have products listed that are out-of stock. So, when you see a product that you intend to purchase – is available on the rack of the store, that means you can buy it. Wherein, online stores may not update their listing on a daily basis and hence you may end up selecting a product that is out-of-stock which may hamper your purchase decision – which you may have decided to gift your beloved on a specific date.

Sizing concern

This has been a major issue amongst online shoppers, however in-store shoppers can ensure that they opt and settle for the proper size when it comes to buying apparels, accessories and many other products that are measured in size. Any size concern, shoppers can directly seek help from sales-representative, who are availabe on-the-go. While, shopping online, you remain confused and may opt for a wrong size or cancel your order, as they do not provide a customer support on-the-go. This is one of the crucial reason, why in-store shopping is still preferred by many shoppers.

Immediate possession

You walk into the store, select the product, try it, pay for it and own the product immediately. So incases, you wish to gift your beloved or require a product on-the-go, shopping from the store is more preferred. Wherein, shopping online, you will have to wait for some days or even months(not kidding) to receive your order – if order fulfillment process is not done accurately. This way, shopping in-store is more beneficial, to get products on-the-go, where ecommerce store lack.

Try before you buy!

The biggest benefit to shop-in store and the worst drawback to shop online, is you can feel the product that you wish to buy. For instance, shopping in-store offers the ability to feel the product. So, incase of apparel, if the apparel that you have selected does not fit you, there are different sizes of the same apparel stocked on the same rack of the store. This way you can try before you buy, unlike shopping online where you are unable to feel or try product before you buy. No doubt, online stores offers a return policy, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating too.

Immediate service support

While selecting a product, we have many question in mind that we would like to be assisted on-the-go, to make purchase decision. Shopping in-store will always have a sales representative to guide and offer good options for your purchase, allowing you to make a purchase decision quickly and easily. But, not the same for online shoppers, hence shopping online delays a purchase decisions.

Easy returns and refunds process

In-store shopping allows you try or check products before you buy, but even if you have not tried or checked it while you were shopping and realize a loophole when you reach home, you can walk into the same store, contact the concerned person from whom you have purchased the product and exchange the product on-the-go, with no much of hassle. This makes refund and returns process much easier when compared with online stores.

Genuine merchandize

When shoppers visit a store, they can see the product that they intend to purchase, which makes for a genuine deal. Hence, it is much preferred when compared to online store, as you only see products on your computer, laptops or smartphones, and not in personal. Therefore, with a risk of merchandize not being genuine, may shoppers opt for in-store shopping over online.

No risk of fraud

No doubt the world has advanced and technology is a priority, but still many of us are reluctant to provide credit card information over the phone or the web. Therefore, walking in the nearest store and shopping for products, there is no risk of fraud as you pay for your transaction, in presence.


With the above mentioned reasons, I’m sure you will understand why in-store shopping is still going strong. Also, the most common purpose why shoppers visit local stores or even malls, is recreation.

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