How to successfully run an Etsy Shop?

If you are one of them who has a passion to design handmade products and are making few bugs selling it either in your friend’s circle or through an exhibition, then why not turn your craft into a more profitable business! Etsy is a devoted marketplace for handmade products where millions of people across the globe connect to buy and sell unique products. Offering an easy-to-use platform to showcase you handmade, vintage items and craft supplies, Etsy will allow you to grow your independent creativity giving a competitive advantage for the building a successful store! For all those people who would like to turn their art into profit-making business without even opening a store, then Etsy it is! Curious to know more about Etsy? Thinking it may be a good compliment to the way you’re marketing your craft business at present? Check out few tips that will help you successfully run an Etsy shop.

1. Do your homework before jumping

Many talented artists who have listed their handmade products on are wondering why aren’t their products selling. This is because they haven’t done their homework properly. So, if you are planning to open Etsy store, then you first need to well-educate yourself with Etsy policies. Also, you can connect with a support person during their set hours though Etsy’s live chat feature. Doing this, you can easily iron out kinks you may have in mind before actually starting with Etsy.

2. Create a name carefully

Etsy will not allow you to change your username once created. So, create a name carefully as it will accompany you forever. It is always recommended to choose a username same as you would like to name your shop. Unless you have a specific name in mind, you can always compare other sellers name in the search box that are leading in Etsy’s page. Try similar combinations, pick a good one and stick with it.

3. Add relevant images to your products

Etsy is an image-driven platform, so your product image will influence a buyer’s decision based on their needs, taste and quality of your image. You are allowed to showcase five images for each product that you list, so ensure you add relevant images to your products that are clear, creative and with proper close-up.

4. List your products in dribs and drabs

Listing all your products at the very first day will no doubt keep them up in Etsy’s search results giving you a competitive advantage to bring in more sales to your store. But, let me tell you your product ranking will go down in search results as and when new sellers upload their unique products on Etsy. So, listing products in batches day-by-day will help you keep your newly added products up in Etsy’s search. This way you have your products visible for a longer time.

5. Focus on keywords

Getting your Etsy products found on Goggle can be a hassle, but proper research and use of small niche words will be of a great help. Small niche words are found less on Google, but at the same time are less competitive. The smaller competition, the better the chance your products will rank in Google for a particular keyword. Focus on keywords that people interested in your products will search for and use Google keyword tool to get more relevant keywords and determine using the ones that are worth!

6. Informative “About us” page

Your “About us” page will influence may shoppers loyalty towards your brand. So being visible about your company will help shoppers determine whether to shop products from your site or not. The more visible your company profile and policies are the better sales you will experience. If you have beautiful handmade products to sell, then why not express that in words and make your “About us” page more informative, creative and influential.

7. Identify your market

Implementing marketing campaigns in general is a waste of time, cost and effort. Knowing your target audience makes it easier for you to target them and bring in sales. So, identify your audience in small segments and market your products to them rotationally. Or, if you have an online store and selling products since quite a while then analyze through past sales and track those audience that are interested in your product and who are actually buying them. This way you can identify your market which makes it easier for branding your Etsy store.

8. Brand your products and store

Once you know your target audience, you need to make your Etsy store and products visible to them. So, your branding method will be the most important source to bring in traffic. Your branding methods can include blog posts, social media, newsletters, and much more. Ensure you brand your products and store to the right audience at the right time for quick and better results.

9. Have patience

Once you brand your Etsy store and products, give time for customers to respond. Success doesn’t happen overnight. There can be days when you may have no sales but there can also be days when your may be flooded with sales. Sales can go up and down for no reasons. So stay positive during slow times and find out ways that can bring in sales!

In summary The above mentioned tips will no doubt help you, but continuously implementing changes to your store is a never ending tasks of successful Etsy store owner!


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