Purchasing Email List Can Ruin Your Brand’s Reputation

Leads that are purchased in return for big bucks containing huge database of email addresses which are said to be potential contact information.

What do you understand by purchasing an email list?If you are new to email marketing with aggressive sales targets, purchasing email list can seen to be a tempting quick fix to gain contact information and communicate your message. While tempting for some, email lead list services do more harm than good for a brand.

Unfortunately, companies are still paying big bucks purchasing leads and using them for marketing and sales campaigns. Maybe if they knew the bad part about the purchase email lists, they’d re-evaluate their outbound efforts and consider cultivating their own leads through inbound means.

Read further, to know how can purchasing email list ruin your brand’s reputation.

1. The data cannot be trusted

Every three out five competitors may happen to have the same list. So, companies who purchase email list can expect to have duplicate leads. This means those lead information and contacts may have already be used and through those leads even you contact the same people who may not want to hear from you who in turn will spread negative comments about your brand over their social networking sites.

How many unsolicited mails do you receive on a regular basis? I receive about two to five in my inbox per day, which is quite annoying and interrupts my day. Imagine blasting out thousands of emails through such leads can drastically arise a damaging effect on your brand, because inaccuracies in your data will cause the recipient to immediately question your credibility.

2. Low Response rate

Receiving an unsolicited email is like starting a conversation with a stranger on the bus. For instance, when you receive a marketing email from a company that you may have never heard of, you probably flag them as spam or simply delete it. Similarly, trusting your purchase email list and bombarding emails to those contacts may bring you low response rate because either the recipients are not sound with your company or service or the email address provided are of poor quality.

If you’re buying a purchase email list, keep in mind that the other vendors may have the same list, and even businesses elsewhere who bought the list, are also emailing these recipients. By the time you reach the recipients’ inboxes, those readers are going to be exhausted and annoyed by the barrage of unsolicited commercial email they’ve been receiving. This way you will not receive a positive response rate and also affect your brand value.

3. Hampers your IP reputation  

When a person doesn’t know why they’re receiving emails from your business, there’s a higher chance they’ll mark your email as spam or even get annoyed and report a complaint for such unsolicited emails.

For instance, if you purchase a 1,000-person list and receive just 1 complaint, you’ll most likely get a warning from your email marketing provider letting you know that you’ve been reported as having a high spam rate and to stop.

If you consistently get spam complaints, your account could either be temporarily blocked or your email provider may close it indefinitely. Your email deliverability could also drop drastically and your emails will start hitting spam boxes instead of regular inboxes, which is not at all a good sign for your brand.

4. Impacts sales momentum

Spending time and money on third-party email list is surely going to hamper your sales flow. You cannot trust the data to be genuine, hence you are not sure about the response rate. So, blindly targeting people, will bring in more complaints and negative feedbacks for your brand which in turn creates a bad impact on your sales momentum.

So, what’s the solution?

Purchasing email lists, you are unable to confirm it to be a potential source. Are you willing to risk not only your email deliverability, but also the reputation of your IP address and your company? Instead it is always recommended to begin creating your email list from scratch using an email subscriber form on your website. It’s slower, but your response rate will be so much better!

Image Source: help.madmimi.com


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