What Dropshipping capabilities every order management system must have?

Of late “Dropshipping” has become an important tool in an online retailers’ repertories. But, performing it in a traditional way is no more a good idea. It can be time-consuming, error prone and loss making in today’s competitive world of e-commerce. The smart way is to live up with the technology and use them not only to ensure accuracy but also will save you loads of time and cost in turn will make the best out of your resources.

Automation is the buzzword in world of retail, and today more and more retailers have realized that it does not only makes their life easy but allows them to make the most out of it. If you are one of them and ship from more than one warehouse, or dropship through multiple suppliers then it can be a real nightmare. Instead of stressing on multi-locations shipping on every single order, take a step back. Infuse and order management system that allows dropshipping capabilities. Doing this retailers can automate the way orders are processed which allows them to automatically route orders to correct suppliers who will then handle order fulfilment, including packing and shipping them to customers.


There are many order management system solutions for e-commerce retailer available in the market, but not all of them allow dropshipping functionalities. So, when you look for an order management system ensure that it offers you the following functionalities.

1. Electronically route order

Your order management system should electronically transmit orders to the designated dropshipper sharing the customer’s detail that includes order details, name, address and message the customer has requested for. This way you eliminate the hassle of manually routing orders to multiple suppliers one by one.

2. Auto-update tracking details

Once your customer’s order is routed to the dropshiper, it should automatically send electronic manifests to the carrier and push order shipping confirmation and tracking details to your order management. Therefore select an order management system that has the ability to connect well with your suppliers system which will make your order fulfilment process faster and much organized.

3. Order invoicing facility

Your order management system should offer a functionality that allows dropshippers to automatically transmit invoice directly into your financial management system, once order shipped.

4. Cancellation and order modification facility

While selecting an order management system ensure that it offers the ability to modify and cancel orders on customer’s request. Also, any changes made to an order, your order management system should notify your dropshipper for the same, to avoid confusion.

5. Real-time reports

It becomes very important for you to know suppliers performance because not all of them offer the same service or system. Make sure your order management system has a tool that gives you a clear visibility of your supplier’s performance in real-time. This way you can analyse service that you are getting from each suppliers and increase efficiency and customer service like never before!

Key benefits of having drop-shipping order management system
  • Eliminates manual processes

No more risk routing orders to the wrong suppliers. Running a dropshipping business in a traditional way can lead to errors and miscommunication between you and the dropshipper. Automating your dropshipping retail business will bring you accuracy and efficiency in fulfilling your customers orders.

  • Less order processing time

    Dropshiment when done manually involves more time to fulfil orders through multiple suppliers managing each individually -again which may lead to miscommunication and create a loss for your business. Having a dropshipping order management system in place will eliminate the manual process involved in selecting suppliers then  routing order and other functionalities that will reduce order processing time dramatically!

In Closing
If you are retailer into dropshipping business who has not yet implemented an order management system or has an order management system but does not offer the above mentioned functionalities then you need to act upon it now!



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