Top 5 DIY website building platforms

Few years ago, it was necessary for you to know how to write HTML and CSS codes – if you wanted to create and manage an online website . This was a biggest nightmare to business owners for which they had to hire an expert (increasing development cost) to manage the codes in order to keep their site up and running.

Today, there are many DIY (the activity of designing, building and making fixtures and repairs) website platforms that can host your website for you. This means you don’t have to worry about the technicalities involved in setting up a host and creating an online website.

DIY website building platforms

DIY website building platform is a software used online which is an ideal for all business owners who do not want to deal with the hassle of developing and managing an online site. Use any of your email address to sign up for the DIY website building platform, select from a variety of ready made, professional themes that best suits your offerings, upload your listings, content, images, and publish your website in with few simple clicks. No technical knowledge required, neither you need huge capital, and you can get your website up and running in minutes.

Today, there are many DIY website building platforms available in the market and most of them offer a free trial period that allow users to test before adopting the one that best suits their business needs.

Below are the top 5 DIY website building platforms that you can consider.

1. Weebly



Weebly ( is a website-hosting platform that has hosted for over millions sites and the count continues. It has allowed people an easy-to-use interface to perform personal as well as professional activities like selling online, client communication, display art, create a blog page and much more. Established in the year 2007, Weebly allows you to establish your business site online in 7 different languages. With more that 140 million unique visitors and over 20 million website a month, Weebly is proving to be an ideal platform offering high-quality sites.

Key features

Drag and drop editor – Weebly makes it easy in setting up your website. It offers a drag and drop functionality that allow users to drag website content ( such as videos, paragraph, picture, etc.) into the screen where you are building your website.

SEO – It offer a website that will be well optimized for search engines. They also allow advanced SEO settings that will help you increase the chances of getting your website on top in the search results.

Customization – They provide you the code for your website, hence you will have a complete control on the look and feel of your site.

Security – It allows user to create their own SSL certification for their Weebly site as well as all sites are secured by a DDoS mitigation service for advanced cyber attack protection.

Pricing structure

The basic package is free, but it will provide only 30 days of visitors page views statistics as well as include a small Weebly ad in your website’s footer. If you upgrade to the starter plan, then you get full customization power with premium support for a nominal cost. However, they offer a pro as well as business plan too.

2. Squarespace



Squarespace ( allows a user-friendly platform to artist, businessmen, bloggers, teachers and others who want to start something that is niche. Launched in the year 2004, Squarespace has hosted millions of platforms till date.

Key features

Compatible – All Squarespace website will include an interface that is compatible to any smart devices (mobiles, tablets, PC, laptop, etc.). This means it will auto-adjust the website’s resolution that will make you offerings look great on any device, any time.

Integrated visual elements – This feature will help you make your website unique and creative as per your offerings. Offering over hundreds of customizable settings, including styles, fonts, color and page configuration, you’ll experience an advanced way of building your website.

Social media friendly – Make your store visible in leading social networking site for increased visibility. This feature will allow you to link accounts from social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Dropbox, Tumblr, YouTube and many more.

3rd party integration – Squarespace is well integrated with Google Analytics, Disqus, or Typekit, hence for better insights you can easily integrate with no coding required.

Pricing Structure

Squarespace allows a 14-day free trial with 24*7 customers support, and if you wish to upgrade – you’ll have a personal, professional and business plan with a reasonable, monthly subscription plan. They offer discounts on up-front long-term commitments (yearly) that will also benefit users with a complimentary Custom Domain.

3. Webs



Webs ( is considered to top the list amongst website builders. This is because, it has allowed many start ups as well as small business owners to get online with no technical skills or a huge upfront capital. Acquired in the year 2011, Webs is now a subsidiary of Vistaprint, and follows its own unique start up-inspired culture till date. Being a host for over 55 million website – shows why Webs is the most preferred website building platform.

Key features

Membership function – Unlike any other platform, Webs allow users to integrate external membership gateway service, create groups of members, send out group email to members, and customize which of your pages could be viewed by the public, or by members only.

Analytics – This feature is automatically available in the interface which ensure accurate visibility of your website traffic, customer’s behavior on your website, which pages and campaigns refers the most traffic, etc.

Integration – Webs plays nice with multiple social networking sites, payment gateways, marketing tools and many other effective tools. This way you can easily integrate tools to either engage your customers, divert sales, or for any other marketing tactic to reach your goals.

Mobile optimized – Webs mobile website builder ensures that your visitor does not leave your site because of poor resolution. No matter what device your visitor uses to land on your website – Webs building platform will auto sync your desktop website and set resolution accordance to the user’s device.

Pricing Structure

Webs offers a 30 day money back guarantee allowing you to upgrade confidently. Their pricing includes a starter (great for basic sites like blogs), enhanced (perfect for business), and a pro structure (ideal for online stores) for a charge that is worth investing. While upgrading for its enhanced and pro pricing structure, you get a custom domain name free.

4. Wix



Wix ( offers the most advanced technology to make a presence online with an attractive, professional and functional web presence. With no coding skills, or huge investment – you can easily display your niche and manage them with no hassle. Born in the year 2006, Wix has over 150 million users across 190 countries worldwide. Accommodating creative bunch of developers/designers, Wix can be an ideal platform for start ups and medium business.

Key features

One pager templates – Allowing you to choose from 100s of templates, Wix one pager template gives you an ability to get up and running in a day. This is customizable, so you can add features and pages as you grow.

Business and financial tools – Integrated with effective business and financial tools, users can easily sync tools for content management, traffic generation, site analytics, communication, print invoices, track payment and much more.

Manage products levels – This feature is more beneficial to people who sell products online, as Wix automates updating of products levels once sale is made. This means you don’t have to worry about your inventory levels when you are offline.

Marketing tools – Wix allow users with in-built marketing tools, which means you can add a coupon to any your order and give your buyer a discount to boost customer’s shopping experience.

Pricing structure

You can either connect your existing domain to enjoy Wix features, or you can upgrade for the eCommerce (best for small businesses), unlimited (best for entrepreneurs and freelancers), and combo (for personal use) for a price that will sound good to your pocket. If you upgrade for a plan you are also entitled to get a free domain with 125 gift vouchers. Also, Wix offers a yearly savings plan.

5. IM Creator



IM Creator ( offer the most simplest and enjoyable experience of building a website, accessible for everyone. Powered by Google and Amazon, it proves to be the most robust and secured platform. Existed in the year 2011, it powers 3 million website which can be a smart choice for building your website.

Key features

Pre-populated templates – This is the most advantageous feature that allow you to select a pre-populated template relevant to your interest, and IM creator will automatically segregate the site as per their interest making it quick and easy to get started.

Hosting – You don’t need to worry about the upgrades and security, as this feature will allow user a free hosting on creating an account. The hosting space will depend on the plan you select.

Export – This feature is rarely seen in website building platform. It will allow users to export their entire website out of IM Creator, and import them in another host if required. This way you won’t feel like you are trapped with IM Creator.

Comply web standards – You don’t need to create a separate mobile website or an app, as any website built in IM Creator will comply web standards and be compatible to device like PC’s, laptops, smart phones, tablets, or even an old browser.

Pricing Structure

IM Creator offers a free I-M pricing structure that limits your hosting for 50MB with unlimited templates to choose from. Also, you can choose to upgrade for a premium and pro plan with a monthly and yearly subscription fee that you won’t mind.

In closing

The above mentioned are the most preferred and reasonable DIY website building platform that you can consider in order to avoid the hurdles or barriers of creating a website.


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