How to rank high on eBay listings?

With hundred millions of visitors every month, eBay has proven to be an effective platform for buying and selling products.

Whether you are a big player or you run a small business from home, eBay is great way to reach buyers at home and across the globe. It’s surprisingly easy to get started, all you need to select your product, upload them, and start selling. Their in-built templates makes it easy to get up and running in minutes. Also, there are cases where a sellers has experienced their first few sales orders immediately (the very same day) after uploading their listings on eBay. Have you ever imagined how?

Most of the sellers who start with their eBay listings, think about the product appearance (image, and format – which are not difficult to master) and do not think about how to keep their listings top in search engines.

Fortunately, to rank high on eBay listings needn’t be time-intensive or require coding skills, you can simply focus on major elements of your listing that will help you keep your products top in search results both on eBay as well as off!


Few effective tips

1. Easy-to show up keywords

Implement “Google’s Keyword Planner” tool to grab relevant keywords for your product. What are those keywords that people will use to find your product? For instance – if your product is eye ware. Some keywords associated with eye ware would be glares, spectacles, sunglasses, eyeglasses, shades, contact-lenses. Prepare a list of keywords that are not too generic as you’ll be competing with many other sellers on eBay as well as sites over search engines.

2. Precise title

Now that you have a list of keywords, it’s time for you to use them in your listings title. Ebay allows a limit of 80 characters for each listings title, however most of the sellers keep them short. Try and optimize your title using maximum characters using relevant keywords from the list that you have prepared. For instance, “Vintage Retro clubmaster Style sunglasses, Green Mercury Mirror Lens, UV 400.”

This title includes relevant keywords and will show up in eBay as well as other popular search engines, making it easy for buyers to find your product and purchase them.

3. Rich description

Ebay’s offers a product information feature that allows you to enter few keywords relevant to your product in listing form and check if eBay comes up with a preset description for your listings. This feature may not work for all products, however if there is any information for your listing – you can use it. But, there are more benefits to create your own description infusing rich and relevant keywords that are not identical to that of other sellers on eBay. Prepare rich description by adding 2-3 relevant keywords in the first sentence of your description as this supplements with search engines what the product is all about.

4. Bold headers

Known to many but still new to some, search engines are some what partial to words that are in bold. Now this doesn’t mean you keep your listing’s description entirely in bold. But, it will be helpful to bold subject headers in your listings as this will make a difference to eBay’s search engines as well as other search engines too.

5. Implement Social media

EBay does not allow you to add links for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. That doesn’t mean that you avoid social media platforms for promoting your eBay listings. Infuse links of your eBay listings on your social media sites, but ensure you don’t link them from your eBay listings.

6. Store marketing tool

Take an advantage of all store marketing tools offered by eBay. This will give added benefits to promote and customize your store – that includes customized listing header, email marketing, promotional flyers, and cross-promotions. You can find these tools in the “Marketing Tools” section in “My eBay.”

The more you make use of promotional tools offered by eBay, the better your can make your listings rank high and divert traffic to your store.

7. Don’t forget about eBay’s Best Match

Best Match is eBay’s default sort order for search results. This makes it easy for buyers to get results in less time. If you want to qualify for the Best Match – it becomes really important to focus on the following criteria:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Shipping cost and methods
  • Quality listing (image, title, description)
  • Customer service
  • Feedback and seller rating score

Good luck and don’t forget to access eBay’s “selling guide” as it will help you gain valuable insights to make the best out of your eBay listings.


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