Top 5 Order Management software for wholesale business

Wholesale business are the lifeblood of revenue in many industries, especially in the world of ecommerce. The demand for wholesale distributors has grown rapidly, as a result, it becomes very difficult for such business owners to accommodate growth in the number of transactions and users without an automated system in place.

A comprehensive order management system in place will give an operational boost to improve business agility and speed, develop stronger relationships, reduce costs, as well as divert substantial revenue for the business. Whether you are wholesaler dealing with multiple departments, or few people wearing any hats, adopting a well-designed order management system –  your sales, order fulfillment, accounting, customers service, and shipping, all stay up-to-date – ensuring a smooth flow.

Below are top 5 order management system that will be an ideal for your wholesale business.

1. Netsuite

Top 5 Order Management software - 1


A leading SaaS based solution, NetSuite offers a fully-integrated order management solution that can accommodate any-sized wholesale business needs. Offering an integrated ERP, inventory, accounting, fulfillment, e-commerce and CRM solutions, NetSuite will allow you to gain a competitive advantage against competitors like never before. Apart, from allowing users the tool to execute inventory and order fulfillment processes seamlessly, NetSuite allows wholesalers an ability to plan and improve their practices. And, being a SaaS-based system, this allow scalability as per your business growth.

Website –

2. Fishbowl

Top 5 Order Management software - 2


Fishbowl offers the most affordable order management system solution for small and mid-sized business allowing a comprehensive inventory tracking, order management, and QuickBooks-integrated features. Offering an-to-use interface, Fishbowl is flexible too. Adopting this system solution, you’ll automatically get extensive training and support resources through its training videos, online tutorials, in-house specialists and more. Also, Fishbowl’s easy integration with QuickBooks makes it easy for users to integrate your wholesale business with back office accounting. Additionally, the system also automates the ordering, purchasing and quoting processes.

Website –

3. Orderhive

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Less than a year from it’s launch, Orderhive is gaining immense visibility amongst wholesalers. Offering the most easy-to-use tools and powerful integration, Orderhive’s order management solution would perfectly fit any-sized business needs. Some of it’s out-of-the-box features include partial shipments, create backorders, print shipping labels in one click, track shipment status in real-time, and auto-update inventory levels.

Orderhive’s biggest advantage is it’s customization solution. This will allow wholesale business owners an ability to create an order management solution according to the flow and business needs. Not only this, it will allow them to work with a team of experts with experience and interest of the same industry. This will make for an optimal use of your resources creating a high impact on the bottom line of your business.

Website –

4. Epicor

Top 5 Order Management software - 4


Epicor has been around in the market for more than two decades serving 20,000+ customers across 150 countries helping them to streamline their order management process with a single-screen order entry, customer relationship management, and pricing functionality. Additionally, Epicor system will allow users to automate order acceptance – this means you as a wholesale business owner can accept electronic orders from your customers without an EDI (electronic data interchange). This way you’ll save you time and effort associated with manual order entry. Apart from these features, Epicor system will allow easy quoting capabilities, integrated payment processing system, and many other tools to ease and expedite order management processes for your wholesale business.


5. ADS solution

Top 5 Order Management software - 5


For more than three decades, ADS solutions has offered competitively-priced order management systems for wholesale business across many industries. This can be deployed either in Cloud, or installed on-premises. Whether you have a one or multiple warehouses to manage, ADS powerful order management tools that include inventory management, customer service, accounting, purchasing, special order processing, strategic pricing, WMS, electronic data interchange (EDI), CRM, financial reporting, and much more – makes it easy and flexible to manage order processing and fulfillment processes. ADS solution offer a comprehensive order management  software developed specifically for wholesalers.

Website –

In closing

With a right order management software in place, you automatically free up your precious time by eliminating time-taking manual entry, unnecessary phone or email interruptions. Allowing you to make the best use out of your resources, you’ll be better organized. Therefore, adopting one of the above for your wholesale business you’ll be less stressed and able to focus more on other vital business priorities.




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