5 Apps that every online retailer should use

With the advent of technology, retail industry has come a long way. From spending long-hours maintaining a never-ending pile of paperwork to being able to manage crucial business tasks from an electronic gadget, retailers can now not only access but also perform business tasks anytime, anywhere.

In this modern world that we live in, online retailers can run their business with nothing more than a smartphone. That’s probably simplifying things, but you can see how far ecommerce industry has come since they first started struggling with operational activities many years ago.

As a tribute to the evolution of retail, below are 5 apps that every online retailer should use, if they for an easy and quick way to perform important business tasks on-the-fly. Though some offer a free-trial period, some are free to use, while others have a paid subscription plan, in the end they’ll allow you to efficiently run your stores and boost sales like never before!

Here we go.

1. App name: Orderhive

orderhive new logo

Category: Inventory and order management app

Overview: You may be either running a single store or selling products over multiple platforms, adopting an inventory management and order management app becomes helpful. Implementing Orderhive, an inventory and order management app will help retailers to integrate and manage all their stores and orders from one single interface. Eliminating the need of logging into different accounts manually and managing them separately, Orderhive app is an ideal multi-channel solution for online retailers.

2. App name: MailChimp


Category: Marketing

Overview: Marketing is the backbone for any online retailer’s business, hence implementing a marketing app will help retailers to get into action on-the-go. Speaking about branding, email marketing is considered to the oldest and still proving to be an effective method to promote products or services. And, when it comes to email marketing- MailChimp is the most trusted and preferred email marketing app that is used by 7 million people around the world to send billions of emails every month. Automate your email campaigns and monitor growth in real-time by downloading MailChimp’s app, today!

3. App name: Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat

Category: Customer service

Overview: Most of people who shop online are new to your site and looking for products and information that they are willing to purchase. Your store may have relevant products and information they are looking for, but if they are unable to get what they need, they’ll immediately jump to another store to purchase products they intend to. Therefore, being able to attend customers who are lost can reduce bounce rates, drastically. Tidio Live Chat app is an ideal customer support solution to increase contact and provide refined communication to customers. Send automated messages to customers as Tidio allows real-time view of all online shoppers who visits your site. This makes it easy to understand and offer help to customers in an informed way.

4. App name: Social Login

Social Login

Category: Social media

Overview: Running an online retail business, means you need ensure that your products and services are easy to share with others in the world of online. Social login links one or more social networking sites to a website, ensuring users can easily sign up to your website using their social network accounts. Offering a customizable interface, Social Login has proved to increase registration up to 90%.

5. App name: Aftership app

Aftership App

Category: Shipping

Overview: Fulfilling customer’s orders in time will determine the success of your online retail business. And, by adopting AfterShip app online retailers can ensure that their sales order are matched with the correct carriers and delivered on time. Allowing retailers an ability to track sales order status in real-time, they can notify their customers offering them a good shopping experience. This way retailers can ensure more returned customers after shipping.



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