Tips & Tricks: Selling better on online marketplaces in 2015

Online marketplaces have been around for quite a while now. Amazon that had launched its online marketplace back in 2000, today has proven to be the world’s largest and most successful marketplace. Another big name to the list, is EBay.

Looking at their success, encouraged many high street retailers to launch their marketplace. If your are one of them who thinks selling over marketplaces are only for large players, then you are still in the dark. It’s almost a no-brainer for any retailer to sell via a marketplace, and as per surveys – over six out of ten online shoppers prefer online marketplaces, so the opportunity is large.

Selling Online Marketplaces

This article will present effective tips and tricks that will help any retailer sell better on  online marketplaces(regardless of what online marketplace they opt for) in 2015.

– Be unique with your shop’s look

You may realize that many store’s listed on the online marketplaces have the same product line that you do. So, how can you stand out from the crowd? The first thing you should focus on, is your shop’s appearance. Online marketplaces allow retailers with a readymade theme, however some allow customization too. Ensure, you be unique with your shop’s appearance that can easily describe your brand and offerings in a very catchy way.

 Get the photograph right

Every online marketplace allow retailer an ability to upload an image for their store. However, the importance of it has been overlooked by many retailers, but it is the most strongest influential factor to divert traffic. Since online shopping does not allow customers to touch and feel the product, it becomes important to offset this by getting the photograph right. Ensure your store’s and product photograph are clear and of high quality, able to attract customer’s attention on-the-fly.

– Make use of the available widgets

Many online marketplaces allow easy integration with application that help retailers to divert more traffic to store. Some offer this service are for free, while others do charge a nominal fee – but adopting widgets that are provided by the online marketplace you sell on, will make it easy to bring in more customers. The best way is to incorporate the widget into your shop’s website which will help you showcase products from the storefront.

– Adopt storytelling format in your descriptions

Description in a sales pitch will not attract customers. Today, customers are more likely to shop from stores that allow engaging content. Therefore, offering content, as if you are narrating a story will make more and more customers engage and get engrossed with your brand.

– Involve the most searched keywords

You will want to make sure that you use the most-popular keywords in your descriptions, however at the same time your keywords need to be unique to stay on top in search engines. The best way is to look-up for the most-searched keywords relevant to your brand and products, create a list, and prepare some unique ones out of those and add them to your descriptions.

– Ensure your returns policy is highlighted

Online shoppers will always look-up for a store’s returns policy, no  matter what marketplace they are present on. And, you would not like to take a chance – hence display clear returns information in bullet points that will not only make it easy to read, but also avoid ugly scenarios and a potentially unhappy customer.

– Join their community

Most of the online marketplaces available out there have their own community. Obviously they will not bring in traffic to your store, but they have regular forums that offer tricks with practical information that will help you sell more. Join the community to build up network and get a thrust to a right start.

– Be loud on social networking sites

With billions of active users over social networking sites, it becomes a great source to divert online shoppers into your store. Adopt Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn to find appropriate audience and direct more and more buyers to your online shop.

– Have a blog page

Having a blog page is even more helpful to reach out potential buyers. Integrating social networking share buttons to your blog page will keep your content shared always, and at the same time pull in new customers into your online store.

 Implement an inventory management system 

Always remember! Inventory is the key to success while selling on online marketplaces. And, if you are unable to fulfil your customer’s order, it will create a first bad impression and they’ll never return to your store. The smart way, is to implement an inventory management system that will help you organize your inventory and keep levels up-to-date. Orderhive, an inventory management software is gaining immense popularity as it allows online marketplace store owners an ability to sync all their inventory (from multiple warehouses) into one centralized system. Allowing clear insights of  all your inventory in real-time, will make it easy to manage and maintain inventory levels, efficiently.

Wrapping up

Online marketplace are proving to be an ideal solution for retailers to gain maximum exposure. But if you are a newbie, carefully abide the above mentioned tips and tricks to make selling easy, enjoyable and profitable in this year 2015.


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