Top 5 Repricing Software for Amazon and eBay

If you are planning to sell your products on leading marketplace Amazon or eBay, you’ll have many advantages that include increased visibility and conversions. In order to gain those benefits, online retailers need to overcome few challenges inherent to marketplace selling. Among those, products pricing has always been a biggest challenge for Amazon and eBay sellers, regardless to the one  selling unique/antique products, having no competitors.

A common frustration amongst most of the sellers on Amazon and eBay, is not being able to have a competitive pricing pricing strategy in place. And, most of them overlook the importance of pricing strategy, when selling over marketplaces. Ignoring this very important aspect of marketplace selling, new sellers find its very difficult to compete with larger players selling on the same platform. In order to cope up with this dangerous challenge, adopting a repricing and inventory management software solution will be an ideal choice for managing products, when selling over Amazon and eBay.

In the article, we will highlight the top 5 repricing software that will help you automate your pricing structure, allowing you more time to focus on important matters, like providing superior customer service.

1. Seller Dynamics


If you sell on variety of marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, then take a look at Seller Dynamics. This software enables sellers to set their pricing structure on autopilot, it mean repricing will be set according to the principles of supply and demand. And, whenever you list a new product, it’s in-built inventory management software will update inventory levels and prices on-the-go. By adopting Seller Dynamics, you can ensure that your products will always sell on profitable rates based on Amazon and eBay rules.


2. SolidCommerce


SolidCommerce is an Amazon and eBay repricing software that allow sellers to automate their pricing structure based on the competition. Allowing an ability to set different prices for the same products on multiple marketplaces, you can adjust your shipping offers as per the product and it’s demand. Offering a number of price and inventory management solution, SolidCommerce can run of your cost when selling over Amazon and eBay.


3. Repricer Express


Repricer Express is another preferred repricing platform for Amazon and eBay sellers. This platform is considered to be an ideal, as it not only allows sellers to set customized pricing rules, but also gives them an ability to lock a minimum and maximum prices. This way sellers can ensure that their products are not selling too low or too high. Designed with the latest technology in mind, Repricer Express even takes competitors shipping rates into calculation. This way sellers are rest assured that their products are priced to win a profitable business.


4. Appeagle


Considered to be a multi-channel pricing software, Appleagle provides competitors product pricing that allows them to stay on top of others selling on Amazon and eBay. The most powerful feature, is it’s “Continous Repricing” tool that automatically updates product prices, allowing retailers to stay ahead of competition all time and increases their chances for winning the Amazon  Buy Box.


5. Teikametrics


Offering a team of experts to configure your repricing parameters, pre-test your results, as well as  provide unlimited ongoing pricing solution, Teikametrics is proving to be a dynamic repricing as well  inventory optimization software for Amazon and eBay sellers. This technology has an ability to spot trends before competitors and allow sellers to make real-time pricing adjustments to optimize profit.


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