Top 5 customer feedback tools for your business

Creating a customer-focused culture will help you gain new business opportunities, that automatically reduces marketing costs for your business. It’s seen most of the businesses overlook the importance of a customer’s feedback, however receiving  direct voice from the customer about your products or services, can make you a strong competitor.

In today’s world, your customers will have plenty of options, and your rivals are always ready to find any possible way to steal them from you. Therefore, customers feedback will give you in-depth insights about their opinions for your brand, which can then be analyzed to offer better customer experience, as well as build stronger relationship with them.

This article will highlight top 5 customer feedback tools that you should consider for your business.

1- Kampyle



A web-based tool, Kampyle offers customer feedback solution that allow business owners to understand their customers, better. Offering an ability to gather feedback at every customer’s touchpoints – you can gain deeper understandings that can help you evaluate and optimize customer’s experience based on their objective insights.

Eliminate those guesswork and understand why your customers behave so, by adopting Kamplye customer feedback solution  for your business.


2- Feedbackify  



A website widget, Feedbackify allows the quickest and easiest way to receive feedback from your customers. This way it enables you to engage your customers with content they like. Easy to integrate, you can create your own customized survey form, then copy and paste code into your site’s HTML, and finally start receiving valuable feedback from your customers. You can filter your feedback by “category” and “sub-category” that will help you deeply understand your customers and offer service that they like.


3- CustomerSure  



A customer feedback software, CustomerSure will allow you to collect, manage and respond to your customers feedback, effectively. This tools automatically send simple surveys to encourage your customers provide opinions, without being pushy. One of their exciting feature, it allows you to track results over time allowing you to find and fix problems, instantly.

4- Hively



Another great tool for generating and measuring customers feedback, Hively empowers customers to provide feedback in real-time. Easy to integrate, this effective solution also allows you to embed survey inside an email. This way, you can create a personalized email to encourage your customers provide their opinions, in an effort to offer experience relevant to the voice of your customer.


5- GetFeedback



One of the most modern customer feedback software tool, GetFeedback allows you to create a visually engaging survey that automatically encourages your customers to participate in it. It automatically formats your survey for those who are taking it on their smartphones, tablets and any browser. You can also add rich media in an effort to get their feedback for your product videos.

Who says surveys aren’t fun? With GetFeedback, it’s always fun!


Regardless to any of the above tools you opt for your business, knowing your customers feel and what they expect from your products or services, becomes crucial to gain a competitive edge in this modern world.


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