5 Businesses You Can Run From Home

Home-based business is quickly gaining importance among business startups. Running a business from means you eliminate heavy upfront costs and gain flexibility that is difficult when renting or buying an office. Although working at home requires discipline, the benefit can be substantial.

Businesses You Can run from HomeThe advent of internet has opened the doors for many people, especially housewives, allowing them to work and earn from their home. But, When you think of starting a home-based business, the hardest part, is to come up with a successful business idea. If you are still having cold feet about what business to start, continue reading this article.

Below are easy-to-start, cost-effective business ideas, specifically the ones that you can start and run at home.

Graphic design

Mostly, all businesses create logos, images, sales brochures, business cards, advertisements, all in an effort to keep their products and services visible in front of people. Big companies have a team of experts, in-house. However, there are many startups and small companies who will always prefer to outsource their designing work to freelancers, either because they run a virtual business or they don’t have the budget for hiring permanent employees. And, if you are one of them who love to work in detail-oriented tasks, then web designing can be great career option for you.

Qualification: Good knowledge of HTML, or better yet the latest version, XHTML or ” Extensible Hypertext Markup Language”.

Freelance writing

With the advent of web-based businesses, content marketing is gaining immense popularity and the need for writers has grown exponentially over the last few years. Be it website writing, article writing, technical writing, you’ll have a variety of options. So, if you feel you can write, becoming a freelance editor could be an ideal business that you can run from home.

Qualification: Good command over English and grammar rules.


Most of us, individually gain immense knowledge while working in a particular industry. Such expertise can be a good source of income and cost-effective for startups. For example, if you are into marketing or social media for years, you can use your experience to help others do similar things without repeating the same errors that you made along the way. Therefore, if you have an expertise in a particular field, you can market yourself as a consultant to others looking to work in that area.

Qualification: Knowledge in an industry that may be helpful to other people.

App developer

With the immense popularity of smartphones, today everyone can gain information and purchase for products or services using an app installed in their phones. Mobile apps are in high demand, and developers are in short supply. Most of the startups and small companies find it reasonable to outsource their mobile app projects to freelancers until they have a more pronounced need. So, with a few key tweaks to your skill set, you could be working in the hottest market, making you big money.

Qualification: Basic knowledge in programming

Sell online

Ecommerce has proved to be a great source of income for people having unique talent. If you have a good amount of knowledge and passion in creating something, that can include handicraft, fashion, women accessories , why not make it your source of income? And, the best part, there are many marketplaces that allow you a ready-made website theme to list your unique products for free. With no upfront investment, selling products online will never be a loss.

Amazon.com, eBay, Etsy are some of the leading platforms that will allow you to list products for free, and you will only have to pay them some percentage (nominal) when you get an order. Such platforms also offers free training programs that allow you effective selling tactics to help you make the most.

Qualification: Passion for the product you want to sell.


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