5 eCommerce Companies That Are Doing Retail Marketing Right

Marketing has and will always be the backbone for any ecommerce company, and if you think that you are not getting visitors as per expectations, then this article is for you.

As an ecommerce business owner/marketer, you’ll always look for new opportunities that can divert traffic for your business. Social networking sites, blogging, Google AdWords are the most common source used for promotion, however, most of the times they don’t trigger same results for all. There can be many reasons behind it, and day-by-day marketing via these sources is getting even more competitive.

In this post, we will take a look at the most cost-effective and simplest retail marketing tactics performed by famous ecommerce brands which you can implement one-by-one and settle with the one that works the best for your ecommerce business.

1- ModCloth

An American online retailer specializing in vintage, vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and décor, ModCloth ensures that their customers always have the right look and style wherever they go. This way the brand allows fashion lovers an ability to shop by occasion and decade keeping them tuned with ever-changing fashion and trend.


2- ASOS.com

A British online fashion and beauty store, ASOS.com is considered to be one of those ecommerce companies offering unique customer engagement ways. Apart from allowing online shoppers to purchase from a wide range of brands, including ASOS’ own label – this brand allows daily fix of the freshest style, celebrity and music news.


3- Free People

A part of leading brand Urban Outfitters, Inc. – Free People is an apparel and lifestyle company for women. It’s ultimate goal is to create an environment to inspire fashion lovers with both unique products and peaceful atmosphere. Free People offers one of the most effective subscription marketing method that encourages more and more online shoppers to sign up. Offering a one-click sign-up, it allows users to be the first one to know about the latest Free People style new and offers, as well as free shipping for every users who sign-up.

Free People

4- Nordstorm.com

An American upscale fashion retailer, Nordstorm focuses more in providing excellent customer service and self-service through their marketing tactics. Allowing fashion lovers link to a detailed size guide, Nordstorm has marketed itself to be a brand in overcoming customer’s doubt while shopping clothing and footwear online.


5- ao.com

An online retailers specializing in kitchen appliances ao.com allows its customers to make strong purchase decisions by offering information customers need the most. With social proof, reviews and Facebook mentions one every product page, it also reflects clear delivery information and the amount that the customer saves on that particular product. Such information creates a trust in the mind of online shoppers and influences their purchase decision on-the-fly.


Closing note

Implementing the above innovative marketing tactics can help you bring new sales opportunities for your ecommerce company. But, if you are unable to fulfill those orders, all your marketing efforts and costs will go in vain. Adopting cloud-based inventory system will allow you maintain a good inventory management practice in place, so that you can promote freely without having to worry about inventory being over or under utilized.



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