5 Twitter hacks that will increase your sales

The most important part for any sales process is connecting with the right audience and building relationships. Lately, social media platforms are helping retailers to accomplish this quickly and easily.


Among other social networking sites, Twitter is proving to be top in the pipeline. It helps retailers to spread awareness about their products with the end goal of diverting relevant customers to their website where the actual sales transaction takes place.

Below in this article, I’ve included 5 Twitter hacks that are totally focused in encouraging people to leave Twitter and enter your website, helping you increase sales for your business.

1. Design catchy Tweets

As per Internet Live Stats, on an average, there are 6000 tweets, tweeted every second, 3500,000 tweets sent per minute. With so many Twitter users tweeting, how many business owners are getting results as per their expectations? Not all succeed! And, one of the most crucial reason, is not creating a tweet that could grab attention, on-the-go. Therefore, you need to focus and create Twitter headers that would awestruck customers and make them click on your Twitter bio and instantly take them to the correct landing page. While making your Twitter header ensure you target mobile users too, as Twitter is estimated to be one of the highly used app by smartphone users.

2. Experiment on keywords to increase click-through-rates

Many businesses end up wasting more and more of cash in their digital marketing campaigns, until they actually see ROI. Twitter will not only help you divert potential audience for your business, but also will help you use those successful keywords of your tweets across other promotional campaigns, too. Select your relevant keyword and search over Twitter for businesses with similar name. Follow top ten that shows up in the search list and analyze their click-through-rate results. Once you know the best ones, customize your click-through-rate links similar to those and experiment with your headers, until you churn better results. You can then use that same link for your other marketing campaigns to increase sales.

3. Use the power of Hashtags

Twitter “#”(hashtags) acts as a word of mouth promotion that will directly attract potential audience to engage with the brand. To take an advantage of this, request your loyal customers to share their picture using your product, on Twitter. But, before that add your company “#” on every product description page that will help potential views easily connect and engage with your brand.

4. Frequently organize a contest

Highlighting attractive offers and promotions on Twitter will increase engagement levels as well brand awareness, both. And, nothing better than visuals can help you attract customers. Make use more of pictures in your promotions and encourage audience to tweet, follow, or even favorite your ads, in return for a surprise gift. This will create a thrill for your audience and excite more and more people to engage with your brand and make purchases.

5. Follow your competitors followers

Following people on Twitter can help you increase visibility for your brand. An ideal way to create an effective impact, is to follow the people who are following your competitors. This will develop an eagerness within the audience to know about your brand, as they are already following your competitor having products similar to yours. This will help you divert potential customers, whom you can win over with your promotional stunts.

The above are effective hacks that will allow you focus more in driving potential customers from Twitter account to your website where they can make purchases.



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