Tech Strategies Every eCommerce Startup Should Implement

For any eCommerce startups, the most common challenges is poor start-up capital and manpower constraints.
In this digital world, it is always smart and wise to adapt technology not only to automate and easy major business activities, but also, stay within budget and prosper quickly.

Technology has come so far, that it allows eCommerce startups an ability to automate all crucial business tasks that would take long hours, ultimately hampering the bottom line results. The beauty of technology, is it allows business owners to run and manage major operations in an inexpensive way.

ECommerce Startups

This article will highlight tech strategies that will help eCommerce startups to build a strong presence and gain a competitive advantage, allowing them to grow smoothly.

Must-have tech innovations every startup should implement

  • Multi-channel system management

    As an eCommerce start-up, you’ll want to spread your product visibility over multiple channels to increase customer base. But, do you realize how difficult it gets to maintain each channel, separately. A multi-channel inventory management and order management solution is proving to be a bliss for many eCommerce business owners that allows them to easily sync and manage multiple channels from one integrated cloud-based system. With all your channel under one roof, you can constantly monitor your business activities and take necessary actions on-the-fly.Orderhive, a complete multi-channel system has already proved to be a great help for many eCommerce startups, which in turn, can be an ideal choice for you, too.

  • Marketing automation

    As a startup, it becomes important you retain your existing customers rather than diverting new ones for your eCommerce business. This is helpful,because it will save you cost. But, how will you do that?

    Email marketing has proved to be the strongest promotional strategy, and continues to be, till date. As a start-up, it is crucial you try and gather more and more customer’s email address, that will help you strategically target them with offers they would like.

    Marketo – a modern marketing and email marketing software has helped many startups to rapidly acquire customers, and convert them into loyal advocates who, in-turn, influences new customers.

  • Social media management

    Many social media sites are allowing business owners a platform to promote and attract audience, for free. And, as a startup you need to take an advantage of this potential source. However, monitoring each of your social accounts manually can be a time-consuming process. Bringing in automation in your social media management will save your time and effort, that you can use in other important activities.

    Socialoomph – an easiest and feature-rich social media management tool will allow you boost social media productivity across all your channels. This will help startups to schedule posts in advance and provides analytic, helping you to make better decisions and make the most out of your social media campaigns.

  • A/B testing software

    Your website is the ultimate space where customers will land and make a purchases. But, in many cases they exit your website without taking any actions. Therefore, you need to frequently optimize converting pages of your site and settle with the ones that offer the best results. But, how will you know that?

    Optimizely – a simplest A/B testing tool will cater to the need of eCommerce startups. This innovative technology will allow you to know your website behavior among all the variations and track which one works the best for you. Knowing this, you can optimize your website, in a way to encourage engagement and increase sales for your business.




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