Tips For Promoting Your Exhibition Stand, Online!

Whether you are launching a new product, or wanting to create a buzz about your brand offerings- organizing an exhibition stand will help you attract business and allows a medium to communicate valuable messages amongst a large mass of potential audience.

But, if you are not loud about your exhibition, how can you manage getting people there?

To make the most of your exhibition stand, you need to focus on two key things; ways to attract relevant audience to your stand, as well as create an excitement to grab their interest towards your exhibition.

Doing it in a right way, you can expect increase in conversion and new customer base. But how?

Here are some of the most effective tips to help you attract and divert audience for your exhibition, online:

1- Social media activities


With the increasing popularity of social networking sites, today, apart from allowing people to stay connected, it has also proved to be a great marketing source for many business owners, too. Among those many benefits, social media platforms helps business owners to run promotional activities, allowing them to target audience who are already interested with the type of their content.

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook has already proven to be ideal promotional platforms for many business owners. These networking sites allow tools to divert relevant audience’s attention in the most simplest and effective way.
Ensure you take an advantage of Facebook’s event tool, Twitter’s hashtag power, as well as LinkedIn’s discussion feature. Create an engrossing content to highlight your announcement, accompanied by photos of what they can expect at your exhibition stand.

2- Blogs and PR activities

blog and pr 1

Blogging and PR activities are considered to be among the most powerful and influencing promotional methods performed by many business owners. At the same time, too much of blogging and PR activities can be annoying. If I’m recommending you with these mediums for promoting your exhibition, I would suggest you stick to two posts for each.

The first post, create an alert for your exhibition – what is it all about, and how will the audience benefit from your exhibition stand. Focusing on these two factors, you can create content and publish your blog as well as PR post across all relevant channels. This will help you create a buzz about your exhibition and make it viral over the web. I would suggest you to publish your first post ten days prior to the exhibition. By doing this, you will allow audience enough time to know your brand, increasing chances for them to share the content in their connections too.

The second post, you can publish two days prior to the exhibition. This will act as a reminder as well as help you figure out how many attendees will actually show up. Make this post apt and influential to garner as many people, as you can.

3- Email marketing campaigns


Lastly, an announcement about your exhibition in your email campaigns can be a great influencer. When I say email marketing campaign, it does not have to be an entirely standalone email, your exhibition announcements can be easily slipped into your monthly newsletter or any existing email campaigns that are already scheduled to distribute. Ensure your content highlights the exhibition stand details that will help interested audience to fix an appointment with you for the exhibition.

In the end, with advancement of mobile devices- ensure your content provides an optimal viewing and browsing experience across all smartphones and smart devices (smartwatches) to reach maximum audience as you can.

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3 thoughts on “Tips For Promoting Your Exhibition Stand, Online!

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