Top 5 website engagement tips you must have in your customer service strategy

As a startup your customer base will be small, hence it is easy to stay on top of what your customers wants. But, as and when your brand gets more visibility, you’ll need to adopt smart tactics to understand and withstand your ever-growing customer base and their expectations. So, how can you adopt an excellent customer service practice for your eCommerce business?

Instead of spending dollars to understand your customers needs, why not try and test tactics that are already proven by some of the leading eCommerce companies.

1. Personalized messages

Today, modern customers are no longer attracted to those traditional content and information when shopping online. They like to be treated as individuals, as it makes them feel special. Offering personalized content is the foremost thing to focus in your customer service strategy for your ecommerce business.

J.Crew– an American retailer dealing with apparel offers one of the best personalized customer service tactics that can help you bring to light.


How can it benefit?

The “Gifts for Her” tactic specifically targets female audiences helping them an ability to browse for the latest products and purchase the ones that will never go wrong.

2. Quick-to-convert call-to-action buttons

Modern customers mostly deal with brands that allow them a single window shopping experience. This includes easy-to-find search box, shipping and return policy, and traceable add-to-cart button. Offering these elements on your homepage can be an ideal place from where customers can quickly access information they need.

Zappos– an online shoe and clothing shop offers multiple call-to-action buttons, resulting for an easy navigation and quick browsing experience for any modern shoppers. Take a look at each and every call-to-action button displayed in the image below.


How can it benefit?

By offering simple multiple call to action buttons will help customers get information instantly,  encouraging them to take actions on-the-go. You can see how Zappos intuitive interface allows it’s customers with content that offers all major information at one place. This enhances customer experience helping them to make quick decisions.

3. Shipping deals

Shipping information is one of the most important factor that modern shoppers look for, when shopping online. You may regularly come up with shipping deals to enhance customer experience, but if you don’t highlight such deals your customers will not know about it.

MR PORTER– a global online retail destination for men’s style offers a perfect example of showcasing shipping deals that result for an unique customer service experience.

Picture3How can it benefit?

Shipping offers can save a lot of customer’s hard earned money that automatically encourages them to become loyal with brands. MR PORTER’s “free express shipping” example will not only encourage customers to engage with the brand, but also enforce them to take actions immediately in a fear of losing such valuable shipping benefits.

4. Easy-to-find functionality

One of the most influential customer service factor is the design of your ecommerce site. Modern customers expect a smooth browsing and purchase flow, therefore, eliminating unnecessary clutters can increase excitement of customers for making the purchase.

Firebox– is an online hub offering an eclectic mix of  exclusive, unusual Gifts, Tech, Food, Drink, Gadgets, Art, Books, Home, Clothing, Games, etc. Simple yet innovative, this site offers attractive prompts and easy-to-search functionality, ensuring customers are not distracted and can enjoy an excellent browsing experience, with no long wait time.

How can it benefit?

Your website elements will determine your customer’s journey with your brand. FIREBOX offers one of the best homepage design that is simple and clean. If you think stuffing your homepage with too many call-to-action buttons will help you increase conversion rates, then you are wrong. Instead include only those elements that you are sure of getting an engagement level from each.

5. Valuable follow ups

Get rid of those lazy promotional tactics to win over customer’s heart. Modern shoppers expect a give-and-take relationship, therefore, if you want to develop a happy customer base provide valuable follow ups that will show you care about keeping them as a customer.

Women Within– a plus-size women clothing brand offer one of the best follow up example that not only attracts customers to take an immediate action, but give a chance to always keep your brand fresh in their mind.

How can it benefit?

Modern shoppers are not at all encouraged by those traditional promotional tactics like birthday wishes. Instead, they are looking for something that could allow some benefits monetarily.  Women Within has adopted a good way for increasing subscriptions for their site by allowing high discount offer for each and every customers who subscribes. Also, increasing sign-ups will make it even more easy to understand and target customers with an excellent customer service.

In Closing

Following the above tips, you can adopt some of the smart ways to engage and enhance customer experience. But, at the same time you also need to monitor your customer’s actions in an effort to understand their needs. An inventory and order management system will offer tools that will help you consolidate all your customer’s data in one location, from where you can anytime, anywhere access their information and offer them unique shopping customer service, always.



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