How Orderhive’s order management app can decrease delivery time?

With the evolution of smartphones, today, they are not only used to make calls or text messages, but also, allows you process complex business operations in the most simplest ways.

Lately, mobile apps are proving to be a real time-saver for many business owners that allow a quick access to their important data and manage operations at the tip of the finger.

In this article, we will discuss on how using an order management app will help ecommerce business owners decrease delivery time.

There are many order management apps, however, some of them are either costly while others offer complex interface. If you are looking for simpler and cost-effective app, then Orderhive is the answer.

Orderhive Order Management App


Not being able to fulfill your orders in time can be frustrating for both, you and your customers. To eliminate such ugly scenarios, Orderhive management app will allow you process and ship orders from anywhere, anytime. Offering easiest order management tools and integration with leading shipping solutions(ShipStation, AfterShip, EasyPost), Orderhive app has already proven to be an ideal order management solution for many e-commerce business owners.

Key features that you can expect from Orderhive order management app

1. Automatically pushes order status

As soon as you create shipments or change order status, those changes will be automatically pushed to your channel in real-time. This means, you’ll eliminate the risk of fulfillment delays and boost customer service experience by offering in time delivery service, always.

2. Create full and partial shipments

There maybe times when you want to fulfill your sales orders partially, which means you want to ship certain products now and others later. Orderhive’s order management app allows you to do so. Quickly create shipments on-the-go for the ones you want to process, and gain access to the history of all your fulfilled products in real-time. This way, you can easily process orders as per your customer’s requirements, as well as, ensure you don’t miss out any order.

3. Print packing slips, shipping labels, and pick lists

One of the major advantage, you can also create packing slips and shipping labels. This way you can easily print them and make your package ship-ready from the place you are. Boost customer experience and bid goodbye to delay in order fulfillment, especially for those urgent requests from your customers.

4. Update shipping and tracking information on the go

Integrated with leading shipping solutions to enhance your fulfillment processes, Orderhive’s management app updates shipping information like carrier name, tracking number to your Orderhive account immediately when an order is processed. This makes it easy to access informations immediately and provide updates to customers whenever they contact you.

5. Create invoices with just a few taps

Another time-saving advantage, you can create invoices and insert a customized message for every sales orders that is to be fulfilled. Invoice generated via Orderhive management app are simple and have an aesthetic appeal, which you can quickly email it to your customers in just a few taps on your mobile screen. Also, Orderhive being well-connected with Xero accounting software, therefore integrating your Xero account with Orderhive will automatically push products and customers that are fetched from the invoice and immediately export the same to your Xero account.


Adopting Orderhive’s management app, you’ll be able to fulfill order management processes quickly and efficiently, helping you to save loads of time, money, and effort.
Available on Google Play Store:


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