Shipping Strategies for Holiday Season

Holiday 2014 was one of the most successful year for retail industry and according a report by Statista it’s annual sales in United States amounted to 3.19 trillion U.S. Dollar in 2014.

Below are statistics how strongly the annual retail industry sales has grown in the United States from 2000-2014.

Picture1The holiday season accounts for more sales than Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day, combined.

Holiday season 2015  is round the corner, are you ready?

Considering the speedy growth and unlimited sales opportunities during holiday season, many e-commerce business owners and marketers spare time in the first part of the year to understand which strategies work well and what is missing. This helps them to perform efficiently during holiday season.

Fulfillment- The key for holiday season success 2015
You are likely to receive hundreds or even thousands of sales orders during holiday season, that’s an excellent news for any retailer. However, unable to process and ship customer’s orders in-time will directly impact the bottom and brand value of your business.

In 2012, announced 70,000 full-time seasonal job openings in the United States in order to meet an increase in customer demand. That was the power of the leading e-commerce giant.

You don’t need to do so much, however, not preparing yourself for holiday season will surely hamper sales opportunities and growth rate for your business.

Shipping management strategies you need to adopt during holiday season

1. Consolidate your inventory

Stocking inventory in an organized way will reduce half of your fulfillment hassles. Allocating SKUs  for each and every products and consolidating them at one place/system will make it easy and quick to trace them whenever needed. Having an immediate access to your products, is the first step to ensure a successful fulfillment flow during holiday season.

2. Forecast and stock sufficient products

Holiday sales is growing year-after-year, hence, keeping a tap on your stock availability is the next thing you need to consider. Tracking your last year’s holiday sales volume and comparing it with the current year’s demand, will allow you store sufficient inventory for your busiest season ever.

3. Automate shipping and packing slips

Receiving a rush of orders will increase profits for your business, however involving manual entries can delay the whole fulfillment process. One of the most time-taking and error prone process, is to create and print shipping labels. Imagine the amount of time and effort you’ll spend behind those packing slips for each order, individually. Adopting a system that allows you to created automated shipping labels and packing slips will save you loads of time, ensuring products are shipped in-time and delivered to correct customer, always.

4. Adopt a shipping management system

Whether you have a single store offline or are running multiple shops online- automating your shipping process will eliminate costly errors like not being able to fulfill products to customers in-time. Adopting a good shipping management system and integrating your channels, all your orders will be brought together at one place from where you can create labels, print them, and ship it customers in the most reasonable and quickest ways offered by leading carriers.  Also, such systems offer quick integration with the leading carrier, helping you to increase efficiency and growth for your business.

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