Amazon key selling practices for holiday season

Holiday season are proving to most profitable season for retailers year-after-year. A report by Statista shows the increasing sales growth rate in the United States from 2012 and forecast for this year 2015.

Picture1Amazon Marketplace holiday sales growth

Among multiple marketplaces and selling platforms present online, experienced it’s 20th holiday season in the 2014 that generated a little more than a third of its $74.45 billion in sales for 2013 in the final three months of the year.

With the above facts and figures, sellers on Amazon have greater opportunities, but are they really making the most out of it?

This article will highlight the key practices for Amazon sellers, allowing them to take complete advantage of the coming holiday season, 2015.

1. Quality listings

First, you would need to think of ways to attract customer’s attention. And, the design of your shop can help you get eyes rolling and encourage customers to engage with your brand.

Ensure you offer a special theme as per the occasion to allow customers a joyful shopping experience. Check on your listings, and provide seasonal content to your product descriptions, all in an effort to allow customers get information quickly and take actions on-the-go.

2. Automate Inventory updates

Holiday season will bring you rush of orders, and you end up receiving  hundreds or even thousands of sales on a daily basis. But, if you don’t have a proper inventory management tracking system, you can experience costly stock issues that will make it difficult for you to process orders in time. And, selling over the leading marketplace if you are unable to fulfill your customer’s orders, they’ll will jump to one of your competitors selling on the same channel and never return back to your store. Whether you have a single shop or running multiple stores on Amazon, having a system to track and automate inventory levels after every sale, will help maintain sufficient products in hand, especially during holiday season.

3. Quick Fulfillment

Unlike regular days, don’t delay in shipping orders. Ensure you try and get every order out as soon as you make a sale. This will leave you enough of time to process quicker returns, if any problem occurs. Adopting a good order management system will streamline your order processes and help you connect with leading and most cost-effective carriers, to ensure in-time delivery.

4. Instant Customer support

The better you solve your customer’s concern, the more sales you will make during holiday season. Ensure you have a proper support system in place that can help you respond to all your customer’s concern at the earliest(24 hours maximum). This way, you customers will feel safe to shop from your brand and result to repeat purchases throughout the holiday season. Also, you get an ability to receive feedback and take actions to make the most out of those rush days.

So, if you are selling via, ensure you adopt the above practice to maximum benefits and minimize the challenges this year during holiday season.


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