Offbeat customer experience tactics that sellers should focus in 2016

Have you come across situations when your customers post negative feedbacks about your products, or, spread a bad word of mouth for your brand over the web?

There can be many reasons behind it, right from the customer lands on your page, till product delivered.

Customer service is surely the backbone for any selling business, without which it cannot survive the rapidly increasing competition in the online world.

Offbeat customer experience tactics

A report by Kissmetrics (revolutionary person-based analytic company) revealed, “59% of the customers have stopped business with a company due to poor service.”

On the other side, a report by Bain & Co. revealed, “5% increase in customer retention can increase profits more than a 25%.”

Considering the above, sellers need to realize the importance of creating a powerful service strategy to ensure more and more customers cling to their site for long.

In this article, we will discuss on those areas that sellers need to focus on, and, how the below innovative strategies can help them gain a competitive advantage in this “New Year 2016.”

Let’s begin with the front-end

There are many sellers who are still living in the dark, as, they believe offering attractive website layout will do the magic (divert customers).

Modern customers are quite comfortable with brands that allow them a friendly browsing experience. Gone are the days, when customers would get attracted to sites with aesthetic look!

Today, customers are smarter and prefer sites which offer them quick information, easy navigation, smarter payment options and much more.

What are the most important factors you need to consider in your front-end?

 1. Allowing the most-engaging experience

Considering your front-end- the most important thing, is to offer a great website browsing experience. It will automatically increase excitement and make customers cling to site for long.

What you need to do?

    • A remarkable logo
    • Access to best deals and offers from
    • Easily available FAQ’s
    • Support guest checkout
    • Traceable Search box
    • Spotable Add to Cart button
    • Blog Page
    • Trust Factor
    • Compatible for all devices
2. Ensure safety in transactions

Modern customers trust and stick with brands that offer quick checkout process and safe transactions. Making the purchase process long and time taking frustrates the customer, who in turn, immediately leaves the site to buy the product from sellers who allows them to do so.

What you need to do?

    • Offer proper visuals and details of the product on the checkout page
    • Highlight discount saving, if any
    • Accurate product price (including shipping charges)
    • Multiple popular payment option
    • Quick payment transaction
3. Always be there for your customers

Modern customers are more happy with brands that keeps them updated with the latest trends, information and even are available for them, especially whenever need the most.

What you need to do?

    • Offer 24*7 chat support system
    • Self support- access to blog page and helpful resources
    • Traceable contact detail
4. Gain customer insights

Understanding your customer’s behavior and optimizing the front-end of your website is being practiced by most of the retailers, however,  a smarter choice is offer front-end facilities as per your customer’s voice.

This will act as a sure-fire, that will ensure your customers get exactly what they want and spread a good word about your brand.

What you need to do?

Integrating a customer’s feedback tool in the front-end will help you encourage your loyal, as well as, new customers to provide inputs that can be beneficial to other customers who visit your site in future.

Such tools send direct survey links to your site’s visitors, which can also be customized according to a theme that fits your brand.

The above are the must-have that every retailer should focus on; however, it is also advisable to frequently optimize features in your front-end, asking yourself the below questions:

    1. What will your target audience immediately look for, when they reach your site?
    2. What features and functionality can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Next, we move on to the back-end

Many sellers still perform their back-end operation manually for each channel, consuming more time and costs, both.

Multi-channel selling is the buzzword for online sellers that allows them a competitive advantage and helps them grow successfully.

Whether you are selling on a single channel, or across multiple platforms, workflow automation can expedite and streamline all your major business tasks. Saving you a lot of time and efforts, you will have ample of time to think on ways that can enhance customer service and increase brand value.

What can be those most needed things you should focus in the back-end for your retail store?

1. Ensure accurate listing and stock updates

Denying customers for their orders- due to incorrect stock levels displaying in your store, is the
last thing you would like to do.

Customers, who land on your site and place orders for their favourite products, will have great expectations from your brand. However, just because you missed out to update stock levels, you may not have stock in hand.

Such scenarios automatically lead to delay fulfilling the customer’s order, or, even worst cancellation of the order.

What you need to do?

Having an ability to sync your inventory (for all your stores) at one place and automate inventory levels, as soon as, a sale is made; will help you eliminate the risk of errors.

A centralized inventory management system helps retailers to bring all their products at one place and keep stock levels up-to-date, always.

This way, you can ensure every customer’s order is fulfilled and in time.

2. Sending information for fulfilment

Another important factor that can hamper a customer experience is printing out wrong shipping labels.

Such situations automatically delays shipment, and results to a frustrated customers who will never shop from your site. Always remember, it takes no time for unsatisfied customers to spread negativity about your brand.

What you need to do?

An excellent shipping management system is the solution for any sized retailers to ensure accurate printing, packing, and shipping of customer’s orders.

Such systems, allows retailers to directly sync order details at one place, and helps them create shipping labels in one-click.

This automatically eliminates the risk of shipping errors, as well as, allows retailers to print multiple shipping labels in-one-go.

3. Living up to your customer’s expectation across all your channels

Multi-channel selling is the buzzword for many retailers now, without which, they cannot survive the rapidly growing competition. Many business owners have expanded their products visibility across multiple channels, however, managing back-end operation for a set of stores, is all together a different game.

If you are one of them who are still using multiple accounts to process and manage different stores, I’m sure you are unable offer the same attention for each channel. This directly impacts the service level, leading to more and more unsatisfied customers, who in turn, jumps to one of your competitors to experience a better shopping experience.

What you need to do?

An order management system in place is helping many retailers to automate major order management process and enhance efficiency for every customer’s order they fulfil.

Such systems allow retailers to consolidate orders coming from their multiple stores, at one place, making it easy, quick and accurate to process every customer’s orders that come in.

4. Building strong relation with your customers

According to a number of reports, existing customers can bring the maximum business for retailers than the new ones.

Therefore, it is helpful to have a system in the back-end that can allow you respond to a specific action, for instance, triggering an automated messages that adds a value to the customer’s experience when dealing with your brand.

What you need to do?

Adding an email marketing solution in your back-end will allow you immediately target your potential customers based on their behaviour, interests, and demographics.

Such software will also help you to customize messages and promote your brand and products that can add value to customers.


It’s not enough that your store is attractive. It’s not enough that your offerings are great. Modern customers, who are not satisfied, take no time to switch over to one of your competitors.

Therefore, struggle and provide an excellent customer experience, keeping in mind the above discussed factors that will actually make sense to your retail business.


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