How analyzing customer’s actions can improve ecommerce sales?

5% increase in customer retention can improve more than a 25% increase in profit. This means the better service your eCommerce brand offers, the more sales it will churn.

analysis of customer actions

There are a number of ways to retain online customers, however, blindly using capital in your marketing program will hamper the bottom line of your eCommerce business.

In this article, we will discuss on how tracking your customer’s behaviour can help you make the best out of your capital that you spend on customer retention strategies.

So, what are those important areas beneficial to analyze your customer’s actions and how do they matter performance of your eCommerce sales?

Here we go:-

1. Landing page

Being innovative and frequently updating content and adjusting call-to-action buttons across the landing page, is what many eCommerce business owners perform to engage online shoppers, as well as, influence them to make purchases.

This strategy will no doubt bring in sales opportunities; however, tracking your customer’s behaviour for each of the elements present on your site can improve your retention strategies.

For example:

Tracking your eCommerce landing page, you realize the addition of images has lead to more engagement level; you can immediately focus more in offering a complete visually-impact experience to increase engagement.

The more time you make your customers cling to your site, the better chances of sales order you’ll earn for your eCommerce store.

Similarly, despite offering some of the best deals and offers you are unable to churn results from it. And, unable to track the performance for each will automatically hamper growth.

A tracking system in place will help you eliminate the loss of time and money by analyzing performance for each call-to-action buttons, in real-time. This way, you can quickly take measures and make the most out of those successful call-to-action buttons you have designed.

2. Checkout page

Another important part of your eCommerce business is the checkout page. Today, checkout page does not only relate to making payments and placing an order, however, many sellers are taking an added advantage to up-sell products too.

If you up sell products on your checkout page, tracking customer’s actions and experimenting with your product offerings can help you increase more and more order value for your eCommerce business.

For example:

In the case of apparel business, one of your customers has added a trouser to the cart and finds matching shirts that you upsell on the checkout page.

Having a tracker will help understand your customer’s choice and help you experiment with some best matches to improve eCommerce sales.

3. Access to your coupons and discount offers

Mostly every eCommerce business owners offer special coupons codes and deals; all in an effort to encourage them to make purchases from their brand.

This can be a full-proof way to divert more and more eCommerce sales only if you are tracking your online shopper’s usage on those codes and discounts.

coupons and discount offersFor example:

Despite offering discount codes, you are unable to churn conversion rates from your eCommerce store. This can happen either due to the poor percentage of discounts offered, or, the code does not apply to the customer’s purchase order.

Whatever may be the reason, tracking your customer’s action on those codes will help you immediately figure out the problem and take measures to increase discount code usage and improve sales for your eCommerce business.

4. Search tab

Every eCommerce store will have a search bar that makes it easy to find products and information on-the-go. You may try different automation tactics to make products show up easily for your customers, but tracking the keywords used by your customer can help you enhance prompts in the search tab and increase sales opportunity for your eCommerce business.

For example:

Auto-spell checker in the search tab is no doubt saving many eCommerce business owners from losing sales orders. However, having an ability to track keywords typed by the online shoppers in your search tab will help you understand keywords usage by online shoppers, in deep.

This way you can enhance keyword prompts to ensure your customer’s gain quick access to the products they are looking for. The easy you make it for your customers to find information, the more positive they are to make purchases.

5. Social media traffic

Like any other business owner, I’m sure you might be having a social business account to increase visibility and allow customers make purchases. This is sure, helping many business owners who are constantly keeping a track on their social media traffic.

With leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter allowing “Buy Button,” it’s easy to churn additional eCommerce sales order apart from your online store.

Social media

For example:

Modern customers cling on social media sites before they make online purchases. Therefore, simply creating a social media account and frequently updating content and information is not enough.

Tracking your audience behaviour on your social media accounts will help you understand their preferences that give you an opportunity to always offer them with information and shopping experience they would like.

This way, you can easily convert more and more social media traffic into potential customers for your store.

Google analytics is an ideal eCommerce tracker that is allowing many business owners to analyze valuable data as per their customer’s actions on their store.

What after sales?

Contact management software is another effective solution that is helping many eCommerce business owners to consolidate all their customer’s purchase order history at one place.

Adopting such system, you can understand the demand for your products, which in turn, can help re-target your loyal customers and boost eCommerce sales for your business.


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