Retailers will go gaga over this new Instagram Shopping Feature

A whooping 500 million active monthly users from just six years since the first footstep, Instagram has evolved and innovated in an outstanding way. It’s the spur of the moment and the visual simulation that takes fashion industry and Instagram altogether to a new level.

Adding grace to the glory, Instagram has now come up with “the most seamless shopping experience for consumers” according to one of the Instagram authority.


So what exactly is Instagram up to and why!!

Well at this moment Instagram does not provide any added data about the product or connect to the product online. A user has to get out of the app, look up for product and retailer; leaving the app and browsing fresh.

It becomes quite a hassle. Instagram being a breathing space of fashion industry, has finally entered the wrestling stage of online shopping. Competing with Giants like Twitter, Pinterest , facebook it has lot at stake for improved user experience and interface.


Now coming to the Why part of Instagram!!

Instagram says “More than 84% of smartphone users in the U.S. browse, research, or compare products via a web browser or mobile app”.

To validate more, Instagram ran a study that suggests 60% of Instagrammers say they learn about products and services on the app, while 75% say they take actions like visiting sites, searching, or telling a friend after being influenced by a post on Instagram.

So technically Instagram wants to eliminate the scope of traffic towards retailers site or amazon and sell the items without having interrupt the user interface or scroll it down

For next week, retailers can show up to 5 products in an Instagram post, and by clicking on the different tags, users can extract details of the product which is further extended to “Shop Now” link, that will redirect customer to the retailer’s site.

Instagram Shopping Feature

Source: Techcrunch

Retailers such as Abercrombie & Fitch, MVMT Watches, Levi’s Brand, Michael Kors, Target, Warby Parker, Kate Spade and JackThreads are collaborating with instagram for this feature test.


What’s in store for Retailers

– The data that can retailers like Kate Spade gathers, can drive the sales merchandise and shoot up marketing tactics to attract more customers. The picture that is most viewed or clicked, gives the clear idea to retailers as to what kind of product is needed more in market and what sort of presentation can actually create demand of product in market.

– Upon sharing the crucial information such as how many users connect/interact with shopping-enabled picture generating referral traffic, retailers can actually link the transaction if made to the CRM database.

– Instagram will not be cutting its share from the retailers and neither have they paid Insta to be a part of this pilot move. Weather it works out or not, it is a win-win for retailers as they will have access to important customer information.

– Though, there is a lot of ambiguity pertaining what if scenarios like, “What if the customer wants refund in lieu of the product or , “What  if SME has no dedicated websites?  Instagram hasn’t been clear on this, however it will surely keep manufacturers in check for a while.


Final take:

The best part about the feature I like the most is it’s not as intrusive as Facebook or Twitter made it. As in, the design of the pictures is so compelling and beautiful. And yet, the product tags do not pop up intervening your process until you tap the tag button. Instagram will closely monitor the process of purchase and visitors path from viewing the product to transaction made.

However this will put Instagram in a pit against Pinterest, as Pinterest did roll out similar update for seamless shopping experience for its users. Though, Instagram will have an upper hand compared to other Giants such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat, as Fashion comes to life on Instagram compared to the mentioned giants.


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