5 questions to consider for efficient warehouse management

An efficient warehouse management is crucial for any retail business owner. Warehouse management is not just rolling out products on time, but much more than that!

Whether you are planning to start a new business or to upgrade your warehouse management strategy, this article is an ideal resource to overcome warehouse management challenges.

5 questions to consider for efficient warehouse management

5 questions to consider for efficient warehouse management: 

Question 1 – How to stock inventory?

The foremost thing to considered is to keep your warehouse clean and organized for an efficient warehouse management. Having the necessary equipment in the warehouse will help you facilitate inventory organization. Divide your warehouse in zones which will make it easier to identify inventory in turn ease the process and complete on time. Understand what your customers are looking for and plan a product slotting strategy which will help you organize inventory making the best seller easily accessible.

Question 2 – What kind of picking methodology to select?

Once you organize your inventory, picking methodology is the next concept you should consider. Depending on the order volume, the complexity of individual orders, and ratio of products common to different orders, many warehouses can save time, reduce the amount of staff required as well as ease the burden on the staff by using consolidated picking methodology. It is up to you to decide whether to have single-order picking, batch picking or product zoning. Consolidating your picking methodology not only saves time, but also reduces errors in turn allows a company to make effective use of the warehouse space, thus delaying the need to shift to bigger premises

Question 3 – Why should you analyze purchase data?

Your picking methodology and inventory organization concept are likely to change as time passes. Also, the needs of consumers change frequently , there are days when particular products will be high on demand-mostly seen during festival season.

In order to run an efficient warehouse management, it is crucial to analyze purchase history on frequent intervals. These analytics will save time employees spend in the warehouse, picking items and getting those ready for shipping.

Question 4 – Why should you double check orders?

In cases when a wrong order is sent to a customer, the cost of arranging for the return and sending the correct order again is double than sending a first order and also lead to a dis-satisfied customer. No matter how large you are, if this error is repeated on frequent basis becomes unsustainable for the financial health of your company.

The simple fix to avoid such costly errors is to double check orders!

Question 5 – Do you really need automation?

If you have a single warehouse then automation can be costly than manual labor. But, if you have multiple warehouses, then automation is a the best and more affordable option. Cloud-based business solution like Orderhive offers the best online inventory management and order management solution to business owners having multiple warehouse inventory to manage. So take time to compare and research whether do you really automation? Automation for the sake of having it, will add very little to the efficiency of warehouse management.


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